Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Favorite Family Fall Pictures

 My great friend, Denice Beatty, took our family pictures out at the Manassas Battle fields this fall, and I  LOVE them.  

 This is TRULY my kids!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kendall's first recital

We are so blessed to have a great baby sitter and piano teacher in Julie Harris.  She's great!  The kids love her so much, and I'm grateful for her sweet influence on my children.  Kendall was to nervous  she couldn't smile.  Garrett was so cute bouncing out the rhythm.    I love my kids.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

 I must have done great on clearance last year because we had so many crafts and fun things to do in the Halloween box this year.    We made this amazing house,  and tons of other fun crafts.

 I also must have done well on cheap costumes because we pulled out this adorable bat costume, added jewels, feathers, and a petticoat underneath, a whole new costume, Bat Girl.  Alina used the Pink Fairy Princess costume once more.

 I'm going to have to say Kendall's was my favorite this year..  We bought this on clearance last year for $7.00.  Add dollar store flowers to the wings and crown,  two more layers of fabric to the bottom of the skirt for modesty sake and a fun mask, to get Monarch Butterfly Princess.  

 Garrett is obsessed with the Harry Potter books right now.  I've been putting him off to read them until he was in third grade, because I felt like they were a little intense for the age, but now he does want to stop at three like everyone tells me he should.  I guess I'll be reading the 600 pages of four to decide. Argh!  Landon was suppose to be Hedwig.  We had the cutest owl costume for him but he refused.  Grrrr!