Friday, July 10, 2009

Gone Fish'in

Last week Keith had the opportunity to go fish with some good friends of ours in Chesapeake Bay. Being the inexperienced fishermen that we are, we didn't know that the best time to fish in the bay is in the evenings, so Keith left at noon but didn't return until 1:00 am. He had a great time even though a pretty tough storm rolled in toward the end of the evening. Well, the kids were not please that Dad got to go fishing and they didn't. So the Warner's, our favorite family, invited us over for the fish fry and to fishing in their backyard on the Occoquan River.
Luckily Garrett caught a few fish right away so he felt satisfied and decided to explore the forest around the river. On his explorations he found goose feathers, and a toad. As usually he remained spotless throughout all his adventures.

Kendall on the other had didn't have as much luck. She tried a few times with Dad with no luck, so he had to bring in the professional, Mike, or as my kids call him, "Dr. Warner".

After much work, Kendall got the hang of it and began rilling in the fish. Even though she does look like she's having fun, she loved every minute and still talks about the "baby fishes"
Mike even talked her into touching one of the slimy things.

Mike and Tony even got me fishing. I didn't realize that fishing requires some skill. I kinda just thought that you drop the line in water and the reel it in and there's the fish.