Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peace of mind

What do you get when you...
  • spend $450.00
  • work for 10 hour over two days
  • chit-chat with buddies about kids, life and the gospel
  • neglect your children for those 10 hours
  • complete mess of rice and beans all over the house
  • ???????

Peace of mind that you may never use that year supply, but it's there.

Rice, rice baby!! Dum, dum du-du-dum, du-du-dum, dum! Sing along you know the song. You too grow up in the 80's.

Now, I need to organize it. Argh!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day at the National Zoo

First off, let me say how cute this little critter is. She was such a good baby at the zoo.

Kendall was the first to spot the smelly fox. We never see this wolve/fox. You always smell him but this is the first time we really saw him.
Garrett's trying to do the emu-moo!

We watched this panda eat his piece of fruit for 15 minutes. He was so cute. Love the new Panda Cafe.
Can you spot the animal in the background? I'll give you a hint. Lions like to eat them for lunch.

Yes, Garrett is pointing to the bathroom.
And Kendall's pointing to her buddies the monkeys.
This cute little monkey and Kendall had something going on. When she'd put her hand on the glass, he'd put his on her hand. Then she'd giggle, and do it again. Everyone was watching the two of them mirror each other. I wish I would have had a video.

Kendall was a little afraid of the merkats. Frankly, I can't blame her. They are kind of creepy!

We loved watching the baby turtles swim around.

Snakes are gross!
Now that's a cat fish.

Look back!!

Alright, for all of you who have been bugging me to post, scroll down to see my handy work in yard. I started that post three weeks ago and I've finally finished. Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Treasures from Mother's Day

For mother's day, I was greeted in bed at the crack of 9:00 am with roses, cards and lots of hugs and kiss. Nothing better! Garrett also gave me the three caterpillars he had collected the day before, which are already making their cocoons in the bug cage. We made a yummy breakfast and enjoyed the morning. The kids were sick so I was the only one to go to church because I had to teach Young Women. Odd to go to church without kids to schlep along. After Church we BBQ steaks and watched the Office. Joy!
On the Friday before Mother's Day, Garrett's preschool had a luncheon for the mothers. I can kick myself for not bringing a camera, because the sang songs, preformed poems with sigh language, and read books to us. Soooo cute! When we came in I had to read all the place mats until I found one that best described me, written by my son. It was funny to read that most of the mom's favorite drinks were, "Adult Drinks". The kids must hear that a lot from their mommies, which made me not feel as bad about my coke habit. Plus I was pleasantly surprised that many of the mothers favorite drinks were, "cokes".
They also gave us the adorable flowers with a little butterflies attached.

I only wish my favorite hobby was exercise, than maybe Weight Watcher would have to be my favorite TV show. We do make soup a lot and I eat tons of oatmeal. I'm loving 36 pounds, in fact, I'd take 36 plus 100 pounds.

Tribute to Mom from your 5 Daughters

Vonda, thanks again for putting this together.
Our mom is amazing and we, the "Hatch Girls" have written a few of our favorite things that come to mind when we think of MOM: (I know we will add as our memories come back to us)

Flower Gardner
Round bread in a can
Quiet Card Winner
Holiday Celebrate
Wedding Cake Maker
Compassionate to the Elderly
Sweet Sister
Fun, Supportive Wife
"Growed up"
Coke Memorabilia Collector
Supper Grandma
Rodeo Queen
Constant Server
Teenager Mom Daughters
Vacation Sitter
Taylor Gang Member
Never Stops
Patient With Others Faults
Rodeo Queen
Halloween Costume Designer
Home Warmer
Generous with Time and Resources
Chick Flick Watcher
Proud Mom and Grandma

Family Supporter
Temple Worker
"Senior" Coke Drinker
Beautiful Skin
"Stupid Dog"
Scripture Studier
20 pairs of Glasses
Rolled Tacos
Avon Ladies Best Friend
Dinner Maker for the Town
Shopping Buddy
Newborn Night Grandma
Eternal V.T. Coordinator
Daddys Girl
Word changer
"Up-to-date Grandma"



Good Listener

Best Daughter and Daughter - In- Law

Home Perms

Hallmark Cards

English Toffee at Christmas

Tiles (towels)

Baton Twirler

"Up Country"

Computer Solitaire

Grandkids Ornament Giver

Town CEO

Pauls Wife

Candy Store Driver

Prom Dress Sleeve Sewer


Size 1 Wedding Dress

Devoted Mother of 5 Daughters

Church Server

"Wanna get hit in your snotbox"

Coo Coo Clock

"Ta da, ta da, ta da"

Christmas Tamales

Santa and Nativity Ornament Collector

Her Parents Accountant

Dream Supporter

And sooo much more!

Mom, you are such a great example to us girls of everything a mom should be. I dont know how you did it, but I wanna do it just like you!
The "Hatch Girls" LOVE their Mom! Happy Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

50 Things I Love About Tamee

by her handsome husband, Keith.
1. She makes friends wherever she goes.
2. She loves her kids
3. She loves me
4. She is my best friend
5. She serves others – especially her family.
6. She takes care of everything at home so I can focus on my job.
7. She takes care of the kids when I go out of town.
8. She indulges my hobbies and my friends.
9. She was willing to move to Virginia
10. She landscapes our yard.
11. She understands the Gospel.
12. She is a good leader.
13. She is a good follower.
14. She leads by example.
15. She is always an example of Church service.
16. She is excited for us to teach the class on Marriage and Family Relations (maybe so I can learn a few things she already knows).
17. She listens to her parent’s advice.
18. She listens to my advice.
19. She wants to get involved in our kid’s education.
20. She gets excited about Garrett’s field trips.
21. She indulges Garrett in his hobbies (e.g. chasing slugs, frogs, and other assorted bugs).
22. She wants to stay home with her kids.
23. She is never lazy.
24. She is always productive.
25. She gives good advice.
26. She likes to be a good neighbor.
27. She wants to get better at everything she does.
28. She works will with children and youth.
29. She is always friendly.
30. She is willing to make sacrifices for her children and husband.
31. She is a good cook.
32. She likes to make holidays fun.
33. She likes to plan fun vacations.
34. She is good looking.
35. She cares deeply about other people.
36. She is a good homemaker.
37. She always wants to do what is right.
38. She is a good seamstress.
39. She likes to teach the Gospel to the kids.
40. She learned to appreciate accounting professors.
41. She tries to like the Suns, Diamondbacks, BYU Football & UofA basketball.
42. She loves my family.
43. She appreciates a good joke (and I bring it every night!).
44. She likes to blog.
45. She likes to make home a fun place for the kids.
46. She will be a fantastic mom for teenage kids.
47. She is always learning new things.
48. She loves the Lord.
49. She keeps the commandments.
50. She is a great mother.

My bed of roses, or plants.

Some of you have been wondering what I've been up too. Well here you have it, or at least some of it. This week we finally had mulch delievered and Keith and the kids helped me lay it. More to come. We're almost finished with a nice bed in the front yard.

This is phase two in the processes. I guess I should have listed these picture in the opposite order. O-well!

The kids love to run throught the flower garden and name all the flowers. The majority of the flowers were given to us from one of the most AWESOME ladies in our ward, Judy Ford. We love her. The kids love her because she lets them help her plant the flowers. They love to tell Keith all the plants that Judy Ford gave us.

Yes, this is what our side yard looked like when we started. The kids loved to dig in the dirt and jump off the septic, which for some reason drove me crazy.


I hated this tree, but it is the only shade tree on our lot, so we'll keep it until the other trees grow up.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Taryn's almost 6 months.

I am so proud to finally have a baby with hair. It's a blondie redish color and we'll take it. I hope it's curly too. She'll be my tall, blue eyed, red head. Hot!!

Taryn is on the move. She squirms and wiggles everywhere. I don't know if she's coordinated or curious, but she's grabbing everything, moving it around, looking at it, and tasting it.

No more bouncy sit for Tar Bears. She flops herself right out. It's her favorite place to get tummy time.

More pictures from the Art Show

Before Garrett's preschool program, they had an Art Showing of all the project the kids had worked on throughout the year. Here's a few pictures of Garrett's skills.

Self portrait, with Buster the Beta Fish.

I dig this flying turkey!

Garrett's and Meredith's wishes are quite different.

Garrett was so proud that he put these things together.

Boys weekend away

For the past six or seven years, Keith and his college roomates get together every May to golf for three days. Usually they drive up to St. George from Mesa, sleep in Kyles basement, eat out, golf and I don't really know what.
This year they decided to come out here and stay with us. I think they had a great time. I didn't see them much which was probable good for them and us. Garrett was so excited that "Daddy's friends" were here with us. He just couldn't figure out why they didn't just want to golf in our backyard like he does?
I don't know which one of the pictures below best describes thier golfing experience, but I like to day dream that it was the first.