Monday, March 31, 2008

Popcorn and a Shake, Shake, Shake!!

Since I married Keith five short years ago, I have grown, and I mean grown (two dress sizes to be exact) to love two things, popcorn, and strawberry, blueberry, and banana shake. A few nights a week, the kids will ask if we can watch a movie, and make popcorn and a shake, shake, shake. I don't know why we say it three times, Keith just always says it that way so it stuck. It's kinda fun to say, try it! "I want a shake, shake, shake." Now you want one don't you? Nathing better than the smell of popcorn covered in butter, a good movie, and a nice thick creamy sweet shake. Yummy!

Happy Birthday to Me!

My sweet husband came home between meetings to literally four minutes to kiss me, give me roses and tell me Happy Birthday! Too sweet!! I'm not one that needs flowers but it was nice being that it's my birthday and I'm in a end of winter funk. Kendall took ownership being that they are pink, so we had to have a pinkalicious picture together in our springtime sweater set. (Taryn was napping or she'd have been in the picture. And yes in her matching sweater.) Thank, honey! I also have been told I can buy a lense for my camera for my b-day. Yippy!! I need Holly and Kristals help on the selecting the perfect lense.

Kendall's many cheezey smiles.

My Birthday cupcake, left over from the Warners' reception.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bott Wedding

Okay so this wedding was great. Beautiful red brides dress, cute couple, happy people, lots of fun, and an average photographer. I think this will be my first and last attempt at taking picture at a wedding reception. Here's a few for those of you who want to see them.

Bride and groom getting their grove going on the dance floor.

Andrea, I love this picture of you and the boys dancing it up.

Okay he totally got her face, but she got his tie. Awesome dress!!

Modeling the excellent spread of yummy grub.

I love this picture. Wove twoo wove!

Hate the picture, but love the people in it.

Chris has some great moves.

Tell me that ain't sweet. I love these two people. Marlene has been my visiting teacher for the whole four years we have been here. She is such a dear friend. Keith and Darrel have become great friends through their stake calling together. They are what I hope for Keith and I in that season of your life.

A little slow dancing.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Milestones of the week

This week we've been cleaning out the basement, and ran upon a bunch of children's books we had put down there when we had the fire. Kendall found a few special ones that she wanted to bring up for bedtime books. One of those special books was "It's Potty Time". She was so excited to read this book, even asked to read it again.

Next morning I see Kendall downstairs pulling up something rather big. I thought it was a toy, so I yelled down, "Leave all toys downstairs, please".

She yelled back, "No, no potty time." Sure enough it was a little potty from downstairs.
She marched it right into the bathroom, sat down and got to business, without me noticing.

A few minutes later, Kendall is running around the house showing everyone the end product (pee). We had a little celebration, then showed her how to dump it and wash hands. I dismissed this event as a random experience, not to be replicated. But much to my dismay, two or three hours later she repeated this experience for all of us again. I mean the whole experience. I like to call it her, "Parade of Pee". Yes, it grosses me out also, however happy I am for her accomplishments. This happened three time that day, and by the end of the day, I wanted to hide the potty back downstairs.

I still believe or want to believe that it's a flook, and won't last, but if we stay home she's going strong.

Taryn's big accomplishment of the week is rolling over and over and over. You really have to watch her because she's on the move. Yea, for Baby Taryn!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know, it's like Christmas. Next year I'm stealing an idea from my friend Andrea, Saturday before Easter will be Bunny Day, when the kids get presents and hunt for eggs. Then on Sunday, we can really focus on the meaning of the holiday.
This Easter we decided to start the morning off by reading the book, "The First Easter" by Carol Heyer. It's a wonderful childrens book that helps children understand the meaning of Easter.

Then we opened baskets and played with bunnies.

I don't know why my kids like sucking on bunny ears so much. Maybe I deprived them of pacifiers as infants. O-well!

Garrett loves to hold Tar Bears.

Taryn is overcome with joy by her new bunny!

Kendall loves her new punch (tea) set. We have been enjoying many cookies and juice parties.

Silly kids in their Easter Sunday best.

Kristal how do I make my flash go off every time. I hate these dark pictures. Can I fix them with photo shop?


Since August, Keith has been reading the Book of Mormon to the kids every night. Garrett loves the stories of the Book of Mormon. He gets them a little mixed up, but he really taking a lot in. One of his favorite times of the bedtime routine is to go find the scriptures on our nightstands. About two weeks ago I asked him what he wanted the Easter bunny to bring him? And his response was a Book of Mormon. So that is exactly what he got and he could be happier on Sunday bring it to Primary.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Brown House Easter Egg Roll

Well, we had planned on Keith and some buddies camping out to get tickets to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, unfortunitely there was a chance of snow and rain, so we all decided against it. Instead we planned a Marchmadness/Brown House Easter Egg Roll at our house with the Walkers and Petersens.

We began the fun with an egg hunt.

Kendall liked to work the outside parts of the yard.

Kendall and Emme enjoying the spoils of the hunt

Garrett's note in his egg told him to "Shake his bunny tail."

A mad race with the eggs during the Easter egg roll.

Could the Walker girls be any cuter? No!!

Nice back swing, Connor.

Of course at the end of the race the spoons became weapons of war.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Reflections of Christ

While I was home for Taryn's blessing, my family attended an exhibit at the Mesa Temple Visiters Center, because my niece Kayla sang in the backup music featured with the photography. I was so moved by the exhibit. My sister just posted the link to view the photography which follows Christ life. You'll want to check it out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our ward easter egg hunt aka Candy Fest

As usual, I didn't get us there on time, so we missed the craft and games. However we were right on time for the hunt. As you can see by the blank faces, the excitement was just bubbling over waiting for the hunt to begin.

Kendall took her time and enjoyed the chase. She was selective about the eggs, she collected. Generally only picking up the pink one or shades thereof.
Once she selected the eggs, she'd shake it to make sure it contained a goody, present it to me for approval, then arrange it in the basket. I thought we'd never get 10 or 12 eggs in the basket.

Garrett however asspoused to a different approach. Run as fast as you can, and pick up anything that looks like an egg, so we have a few berrries in his basket. I was going behind him throwing out eggs so that he could enjoy the hunt a little longer, because he collected 12 eggs in about 3 minutes.
Then enjoying your spoils!!

I became a little distracted talking with friends, and turned around to notice sweet little Kendall making a gluttin out of her self.