Friday, March 27, 2009

My Big Boy!

Lately I have notice what a big, helpful boy Garrett is becoming. He constantly is lifting Taryn up, or getting her something. If she cries, without being asked he runs into the other room to find a toy or book to divert her attention. He LOVE Taryn. But he has also been concerned that Kendall learn to do all the big boy/girl things like ride bikes, dress herself, do chores, and play on the computer. He keeps telling her, "It's fun to be a big girls!" I love my little helper.

New baby, new van

We bought our first van, the 99 Town and Country, the month before Kendall was born. It has been a great car for the past three years, especially for the money. However, the air conditioning went out last summer, which cost about a grand to fix and the car is only worth about 2 is time to say good-bye to this van.
Late one night while watching ebay my clever husband found a deal on a Odyssey in New York. He couldn't pass it up, so now we own a new van that looks a lot like our old van but three years newer and with air conditioning, just in time for baby number four to help her sibling trash another van.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When I least expect it....

is when big event tend to happen in my life. Let me briefly tell you about a few example of this occurring.

Example 1.

I had planned on going on a mission right when I turned 21. But No, it didn't happen then or even the way I had planned it. The Lord had something else in mind and needed me to be in the valley with my sister and cousin. Now, looking back I am grateful for the time I was able to have with my cousin, Stephie. We became good friends, and helped one another grow during a difficult time in both of our lives.

But then when the Lord did decided that it was time for me to go on a mission I left within four week of putting in my papers. It wasn't until I was on my mission for three months through experience I had with those on my mission and the passing of Stephanie that I realized the Lord had other plans for me on my 21st year of life on this year. This was with first time I realized, that we make plan, we live obediently, pray for guidance and accept the Lords will.

Example 2.

We all observed this one while watching my date half the LDS single men in the state of Arizona. Once again what a blessing I have received for waiting.

Example 3.

Garrett! No, I had no intentions of having a baby 9 months and a day after getting married, but what a blessing to start our family as soon as possible. Plus having Garrett our first year of marriage really brought Keith and I together fast.

Example 4.

Kendall! I wanted to have two kids close together, while I was still some what in my early 30's, but after a year of baby. So we started the infertility route. Did the testing, bought the drugs, and was waiting for my next cycle which never came because I was pregnant with Kendall.

There are some many more examples of my lack of control in the timing of big events in my life. So with that being said. I submit to the events of my life.

Yes, number 4 is coming this October!