Thursday, March 29, 2012

Highlights of the week

I've try to catch up of journaling, but I keep falling behind. So here are a few of my thoughts and memories of the week so that I feel better about myself.
Alina heard me talking to a friend about potty training and where we keep the little potties. She marched herself down there, brought up the potty from the basement, and peed in it. Now she has learned that she can poop in the potty and not in her pants, she thinks it's great. I, on the other hand, do not like it when my kids potty train, because that's me sitting by a potty all day helping them go. I hate stopping in Walmart with three little kids helping her on and off the potty. Also they always seem to have a lot of accidents when they are young and learning to potty train. I don't like cleaning up accidents. I'd rather wait till she's three and train in three or four days, done. But Alina has this in her mind and will not let it go. She has a bad habit of repeating everything three times, "I go potty, I go potty, I go potty" "No diaper, no diaper, no diaper" Argh! I'm sure she has a few weeks before she full potty trained, but for now three or four times a day we have a little celebration around the toilet for her independence, not that she's not independent enough already. In the past two months, Alina has began to cry and beg to go to preschool when we drop of Taryn. She only 2! I wasn't planning on starting her into preschool till she's 3, that a year and 1/2 from now.
Her potty training has opened up a whole new play place for Landon. Every time the bathroom door is left open and the toilet led up, he makes a beeline for what he likes to think of as his own little pool. YUK! One more reason I hate potty training.
Landon is now offically our laziest baby. He is still not walking. He walks around everything and reaches from chair to chair, but will not do it on his own. In fact, he hates it when we stand behind him to help him walk. He just sits down and reaches up for us to hold him. And why wouldn't he want to be held, everyone loves to hold and carry him, including Alina.
Landon has also taken a liking to this red sock monkey that my sister sent him for Christmas. He snuggles in with that monkey every night. It's so cute.
Taryn, who loves preschool, has mastered her letters, sounds and number to 20. I think he's going to be a bright little girl, the way to catches on to things and it so observant. She's learned to skip and does it all day, everywhere, and with quite a happy smile on. She loves to play in the sand, jump on the tramp, and watch A Mermaid's Tale 1 &2. She was pick from the No Cavity Club as a winner for movie ticket from our dentist, and you would have thought she won a million dollar lottery the way she tells her friends.
Taryn is also obsessed with nicknames. He constantly asks me what everyones nicknames are. Landon is Little Man, Chubz.... Alina is Sunshine, Curly Sue... Taryn is Pumkin, My Flower, Butterfly..... Kendall is Lady Bug, Dollie..... Garrett is "The Big Guy, Lover Boy..
Kendall came home a few days ago with a prize bag. She informed me that she jump roped the longest of all the Kindergarteners, which doesn't surprise me. From the second she gets home, Kendall is out of the tramp, jump roping on the trampoline. She loves school and is doing great. Her teacher LOVES her. She was Quality Student of the Month a few months ago, so we remind her often of her quality.
Kendall is also very obsessed with her hair right now. Every day she asks me if I think her hair has grown longer? And if she's taller? The hair is growing longer, but I don't think she's growing much taller.
Garrett is great! His life couldn't be greater. When Grandpa Hatch was here at Christmas, he told Garrett that "When I'm reincarnated, I want to come back as either Aunt Paula's dog, or Garrett, because I are both treated well, and have a great life." Garrett thinks that is so funny. First because he loves the new word reincarnated. And second, because he knows he has a great life.
Keith and him have started practicing baseball in the yard, and he loves it. He loves it even more since he went to his first little league practice with his team and did great. He hit the ball the farthest of any of the kids, and thought he was great at everything. He even had a few kids on the team come up to him and tell him he was the best on the team. So now he says, "I have fans!" Pride....he gets it from his father. I find my role as the dream crusher and reality check. I constantly remind him that in everything you do, you may do great one day and bad or average the next so just enjoy the day and improve yourself.
I've realized that Garrett goes from reading ALL the time to not interested in reading that much. He's a good read, he just has to be interested in the series of books. Right now he love the Whimpy Kid Diaries. He loves them so much that he has started to write his own book, Will Red! When he's finished all publish it for all to see. He's creative with words like his Dad and quite witty.
Keith is as busy as ever. I don't know how he does it? He's a great dad. He gets up every morning with the kids while I sleep in or get ready. He helps me get them ready for school, then he heads off to work. He's doing great at work! Then every night he either runs to the church or comes home to play with the kids and help me get them to bed. His weekends are full of kids activities or church meetings. He seems to be doing a good job with his calling. Last Sunday, when he bore his testimony, I could see that change that his calling has had on him. As he talked about the Savior and his desire to do His will and have faith in Him. I felt the spirit and loved him even more.
Me..... hum? My day's all seems the same. The kids and I have started working on the yard. I love to be outsides in the yard. Garrett and I are doing an experiement with the garden. We grew half of the garden from seed that we just put in the ground and the other half we started inside the transplanted outside. We'll see which products better?
I've been trying to lose weight, with small and slow results. But I just started a Biggest Loser with my sisters so we'll see.
Our computer won't let me download pictures so hopefully over spring break we can resolve that situation and blog once more.