Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here's the Naughty List!

 How is it that Landon seems to do more naughty things than an of our other babies, but we never get mad at him.  The following are documented proof of his deeds.  Poor Garrett suffers the brunt of it!  Garrett can not get a moments peace on the sofa without Landon climbing up there to bug him. (see the pictures above and below)

 The kitchen seem to Landon's main room for havoc!  He can now pull down the dishwasher, climbs aboard, and scouts out treasure, such as the pizza cutter and a fork.

 Even while restrained in a highchair, he still can throw food over or grab the trash can to dump it out.  Behind this cute face lies a mess maker.
 Countless water bottles have been spilled on this floor, which bugs me but easy to clean up.

 This is the last straw.  The older kids put their bowls of leftover milk from cereal on the counter by the sink.  Landon is just tall enough the swipe his hand around until he knocks something over, and that's where the fun begins.
 It's almost like he is telling me, water is fun but clear.  See milk you can see and touch.   Grrr!  He has done this about 5 times.  The kids and I either need to change our routine or Landon needs to grow out of this phase.  

Then there is the fun to be had in the front room.  Rubber bands are no match for Landon's brute strength. He's just pulls and pulls on the rubber bands until they break, then he is free the pull out the entire collection of DVD's.
He also likes to count the wet wipes.  There are approximately 189 wipes in the bag, just for general information.

Reasons I love Virginia

That would probably be one of my favorite things about Virginia.  I love that my kids can just run and play for hours.  Our yard is safe and easy for me to keep an eye on them, and it has turned into one of my favorite hobbies, gardening.  I am definitely the world's worst gardener, but no one loves it more then I do.  Keith often will say,  "What are you going to do if we ever move to Arizona?"  I don't know.  My neighbor teases me that I am always digging holes. And I remind her that digging holes keeps me from hurting small children.  It calms my nerves, and makes me happy. 

 There's my poor shot at the shuttle passing over our house. What an exciting experience for the kids and I.  

 I love this Crape Myrtle that Judy Ford gave me.  It's beautiful in the summer and fall and give me shade to watch the kids.
I cut my Peonies this year and brought them into the house because they always seem to flop over and die too soon.  They were beautiful in the vase on my counter and distracted my from all the dishes I should be washing, and smelled lovely.

My Sussi Sunshine

 My little Sussie Sunshine is growing up!  I feel like I never really enjoyed her enough as a baby, and now she somewhat potty train, which she did by herself, and almost too big for her blessing gown.  I was looking for a picture of her on her blessing day and I have nothing.  Sad! So I decided to throw her in her dress and take a few pictures. 
 Good little girls, bad photographer!  My life!

 I love Curly Sue!  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My little flowers

This year Kendall and Taryn did Creative Movement (Pre Pre Ballet)  They loved it!  They love anything they get to do together.  I love how much these two girls LOVE each! 

They were so excited about their final performance at a High School Auditorium. Back stage before their final performance they were all giggly and silly, but when they go into costume, they were ECSTATIC.  Who wouldn't be excited, in these adorable costumes.  We love Mrs. Shoemaker, their teacher.   

As you can see Taryn loves the spotlight and as we found out at the end of the performance, the spotlight loves Taryn right back.  As the end all the little flowers were suppose to exit stage left, but Taryn was just enjoying the moment and didn't realize that everyone else had left the stage but her.  She just stood up there blooming like a flower and smiling.  Everyone, but her mother who was back stage helping, loved her moment in the light. When she realized they were all go, she ran off.  As the announcer said, "With that, we can all go home entertained." I love my Taryn.
The girls were so excited to receive flowers at the end from Daddy, and see all their friend.
  I was so proud of the Walker girls, nieces by adoption.  We are bless to have good friends for our girls the learn and grow with.

Little League

 Keith and I have put off getting Garrett into a competitive baseball league, so this year we decided to try it out.  Here's a few things we've learned.   People who are serious about baseball are committed.  They play  3-4 times a week year round.  We are not that committed.  Garrett had 2 practices and 1-2 games a week for 6 weeks and we are so HAPPY when the season was over.  Also all of these kids have been playing since they were 5, so they have started to acquire skills.  Garrett began the year with little skills but a lot of physical strength.  We're working on the skill set. 
 Even with the lack of skills, Garrett had a great year, with great coaches that really helped him improve.  They played him as catcher, which at first he average more ball passing him then ones that made it to the glove.  But something clicked half way through the season and he realized he could turn his glove to catch the balls rather then chase them behind him..  "It's a lot easier to just catch them as it is to stand up and go find the ball"  as Garrett put it.

 Some how this kids has pretty good coordination and hand eye skills.  Despite having an ugly swing and swings at everything, high or low, he usually got on base.  Now if we could teach him to unhook the train and RUN!  Even with all that being said, he hit an inside Home Run to get the game ball.  He was so excited! It was a great year and good fun.  Go Braves!