Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our busy, happy, little family!

  I love our busy, happy, little family!  
It's been a great summer, going to the pool, laying around watching Phineas and Ferb, trips to the Library, games in basement, and fun little day adventures.  I'm so grateful to have had a chance to have little talks with each kid, and funny group talks where I can see what good friends they are all becoming.  They are all getting so big too fast!  Last summer I wanted everyone to get bigger and take care of themselves, and now this summer I want time to stand still.  I love them all just at the age they are at right now .  I are so blessed to have such great kids, and the perfect husband, that supports me, and always does the right thing.  He has had to work so hard this year, but he always makes time for me and kids. We are blessed.

My boys

 I love this sweet "Little Man"!  He's is the perfect finish to our family!  He easy going when things get crazy, and loves to join into whatever the big kids are doing, watching TV, playing tag, coloring, whatever.  He just wants to be a part of it.   There are three people he loves the most, obviously Alina is just his size and always willing to boss him around, Garrett, who he just likes to sit by and watch him do whatever he is doing, and Keith! Ya, it hurts a little that my last child would rather go to his father rather than me.  Literally Keith and I can be standing by each other, and Landon will run to him.  I'm a suitable second place, but he's a Dad's boy. 

 I don't not know what I would have done this summer without this "Big Guy", he keep things running smooth!  He is so good with the two babies. He can make them happy, change diapers, lay them down, get them out of bed, whatever I ask, he just does it!   He's great to help out around the house whether it's cleaning, fixing breakfast or lunch, running,  helping the girls, or just rubbing my feet!  He's AWESOME!   The best part is what good buddies, he and I have turned into over the summer.  

Summer Pictures

 Our babysitter and good friend, Jessica Ward, has just started a photography business, so we decided to give her some business and probable the biggest challenge of her photography career.  My kids don't hold still, smile or cooperate in anyway, so I think she did pretty good.
I have to say I just love Alina right now.  She has turned from a rotten beast into a sweet, helpful angel, which is just in time for Landon to turn into the rotten beast. She LOVES her brother.  They have turned into best friends. He left for a week this summer and I don't know who missed him more, me or her. Every morning she would go into his crib to see if he was there, then she'd roam around the house calling his name. She watches over him and reports his misdeeds to me. She wants to go to preschool this year but I don't think I can do with out her and the curly mop of hair.

 Oh, how we LOVE the Tary-Taryz! She is a good girl!  This outfit defines her, ALL things pink and girly! In April, I put Taryn in swimming lessons, by June she was swimming by herself.  This summer she has turned into a little motorboat.  She has a power kick that just moves her through the water.  Taryn is starting everyday morning preschool next week and I'm going to miss her. But she will do great in school.  This summer she has watched Kendall do her homework and taught herself to read a few words.  She's so excited about school.

 Kendall Macy has had a great summer.  Her and Taryn LOVE to play together, from early in the morning till the last thing they do at night.  The love to play make believe with the stuffed animals, and act out books we read, particular when the mother dies and the two girls are left to fen for themselves.  What is it about parents dying in books?  As much as she loves her sister, she also loves Garrett.  She tries to play his video games, race him in the pool, wrestle him on the bed and even act interesting in Pokemons.  That's tough to do!   Kendall is a good girl with a sweet and tender spirit!