Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Garrett is 8! I can't believe I have a child that is baptized and this tall! Keith has always called Garrett "The Big Guy." This kid is 4'9! He's giant! And for some reason, he is surround by friends who's height is below average, which makes him look like even more of a giant. Even if he is getting bigger, Garrett still loves to snuggle and I love it! He is my "Lover Boy!" He has a tender heart. He cares to help out when someone is in need and be involved in serving others when the opportunity arises. He truly feels bad when he hurts someone else. And is sometimes over sensitive to having his own feelings hurt. We're working on that.
Garrett is ALL about the FUN and adventure! Sometimes with little thought to safety, which makes me crazy! Last Sunday afternoon, I sent all the kids outside to play while I made dinner. I happen to look at the window just as Garrett was stepping into the big lid of the sandbox that he had placed on top of the monkey bars on our play set. He sat down into it, like it was a sled, as began to scoot across the top of the monkey bars, which are a good 6 feet above ground. My heart sank! I went flying outside, preparing myself for a ride to the emergency room. I arrived of the end of the monkey bars, just in time for him to take the ride of his life (and mine) sliding down the back side. I quickly assessed him for injures, then grabbed his ears and gave him the nagging speech about how danger that was. He listened (half smiling the whole time), then asked if he could do it again. NO! Heaven help his scout leaders. Thinking of scouts, Cub Scouts is Garrett's dream activity. Cub Scouts involves hanging out with buddies, goal oriented tasks that are preformed mostly outside, field trips and you earn a reward at the end. I wish I had his enthusiasm about the program.
Garrett preforms best when extrisicly motivated! Yes, this is due to bad parenting. But I can get that kid to do anything by danging a carrot in front of him. Being that Sundays are long days for me. I let the kid earn Sunday points for prizes (JUNK) that we keep for a week then throw away. Garrett out of all the kids, LOVES to see how many points he can get. Hopefully this training leads to a desire for money as the reward, and he gets a good education and a good job.
Speaking of school, this is another outlet for Garrett's desire to have fun, hang with friends, and preform or complete projects. Fortunately, he has had good teachers that make school just fun enough for him to like it, but in a structured environment. I assume he does well in school, because the teacher never complain about his behavior, or performance. And he often tells us, "Me and the other two smart kids finished first so we got to......." Humble!
Garrett loves to be involved. Right now he is taking basketball, soccer, and piano.
Garrett is a GREAT big brother. He caring, helpful, and aware that others are watching him. Yesterday, I was busy with laundry and cleaning so I had payed little attention to the three youngest. Garrett came home from school and sat down on the sofa next to Taryn, who had fallen asleep there. Garrett said, "Mom, Taryn's hot!" Yes, I a bad mom and didn't even know she was asleep there. Garrett ran upstairs, got the thermometer, to check her temperature. Next Garrett yells, "It's a 102.6!" My response, "No it's not. Give me that." Sure enough, it's 102.6! Garrett proceeded to get her a blank, his pillow pet, water and turn a movie on for her. Garrett is going to be a well trained husband by his three little sisters. He loves to wrestle around the Kendall. They are buddies. She laughs at everything he says, and he has learned that she will do anything he says, so watch what you ask her to do.
Next to being baptized, having a little brother has been the best thing to ever happen for Garrett. The first thing he does everyday is check in with Landon for a high five or fist bump. He often holds Landon while he plays Wii or takes Landon in his room at night while he reads so that I can get the girls to bed. There is 7 1/2 years between them, but I'm certain they will be best friends.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Events

Landon just cute as a button. He's seriously the longest 9 month old in 12 month clothes. He was the New Year Baby for the Ward Halloween party because his lion costume was too hot.

Garrett celebrating his candy score after Trick or Treating.
This year the girls stayed with the princess theme.
Taryn loved this adorable this black dress I found last year, but being a witch was too scary for her. So Taryn became the
"Witch Princess"

Alina is going to live a life of hand-me-downs. She is our third little girl to be the
"Pink Princess"

Last year Kendall picked out this white dress from the 50% off after Halloween sale. She was sooooo excited all year to be the
"White Snow Princess"

This year we decided to add some bling to our curving experience. The cat was a big hit!

One little, two little, three little Indians! I love the Fall Feast that the Kindergarten does every year for the kids. Kendall has such a good teacher and a cute little class of 15!

Taryn's preschool had a little program. Taryn is a great singer a LOVED being on stage singing unlike her old two siblings.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our hero, Jamison

My greatest desire is for my Garrett and then Landon to turn out as awesome as my nephew, Jamison. Not that all my nieces and nephews aren't great, but Jamison has every thing in order.
The day after we arrived in Arizona Jamison received his mission call to California. He was to report in less than three weeks, eight week before he turned 19. I guess you can do that if your Stk Pres. sees that you are ready and they need you. However, this caused a great panic for my sister who was stuck at a fabulous family reunion in Colorado for one of those week. Let me tell you why Jamison is so great..... He loves his Mom! LOVES her. They are best buddies and always have been. He respects and loves his Dad for they amazing person he has become. I remember Jamison as a little boy out working with is Dad. He developed skills and learn to follow through due to a father to that took the time to teach and encourage. He's a great brother. He's set an example and values to two siblings that are his first friends. He's smart, a hard worker, funny, VERY spiritual, goal oriented, level heads but, adventurous, and best of all his now a missionary for the Lord. We LOVE Elder Garner!

Keith's 41st Birthday Celebration with the Jones Family

For the past few years, Keith has been able to celebrate his b-day in Arizona with family and friends. It's always a good time to get together with all the Jones' for Sunday family dinner. Grandma Maurine love to make a cake and put coins in it. (Canadian tradition?) This Sunday dinner was at Brian and Lanae's. The pictures are all so yellowish orange from the dust storm that was about to come in. However there are a lot of red head kids in these pictures too, that is not a trick of the light.
As you can tell from Garrett's face, it's always a good time when cousin's get together.