Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 4 - Whitmer Farm and Hill Cumorah

Garrett and Elizabeth love each other. They were born a week apart and have always looked a little like they could be twins. It was fun to watch them have such a great time on this trip. They love to give cousin hugs and I hope that never ends.

The tour guide was a little long so I took the kids out for a run in the fields around the farm house.
The church does an amazing job of staging the history sites, so that you feel like you are back in the day.

Keith and I checking out the Moroni Monument, and the view down at the stage.

More cousin hugs! We love you, Elizabeth!

Tithing in action.

While we were taking the tour of the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center, Randall, Gayle and I were looking at a map of the area. I noticed what I thought was the new temple, pointed it out, and asked when it had been built? Garrett who had recently paid his first tithing and was told that his tithing money would be used to build a temple, quickly responded, "They built that temple with my money!" I'm sure his $1.83 paid for a knob in a temple somewhere.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 3 - Joseph Smith home and Sacred Grove.

It's a wonderful experience to walk in the home where so many amazing event took place. I have to admit that there were a few moments when I was touched by the spirit thinking about the great effect the Book of Mormon has had on my life and what a great sacrifice it was for Joseph Smith, his family and so many others.

I like how Will pointed out the necessity for outlet to play the PlayStation up in the boy bedrooms.

Carolyn was our big helper with the kids. Thanks a bunch Lynea-Lou!

Above is the back view of the house, which caught me at the place where were much of the women's chores were preformed.

As I was trying to get Garrett and Elizabeth running down the old dirt road, I notice the beautiful view of the temple.

As we walked through the Sacred Grove I thought, I want Garrett and Kendall to come back here when they are 16 to experience this again when they can actually remember it use it to strengthen their testimonies.

Clue for all of you wanting to attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant:
Go on the Thursday night before it opens.
It's dress rehearsal, but was the exact same show, with 1/4 the crowd. It was FABULOUS! The burn Abinadi and King Ben with real fire. Water falls and a HUGE rain shower when Laman and Lemual are disobedient on the ship to America. It's an incredible set with layered tiers of stages going up the Hill Cumorah
When Christ appeared to the Nephites on the top of the hill during the performance, Garrett looked at me and said, "Is that the real Jesus?" and before I could answer, "Can I met him?" It was that real.

I love the costume on King Noah.

Day 3 - Palmyra Temple

Save the Butterflies!

Upon arriving at the temple grounds Garrett spotted a wounded butterfly struggling to get off the sidewalk before being smashed. Garrett to the rescue! Garrett, oh so gently, laid his hand on the ground for the wounded butterfly to hobble aboard the gurney. Slowly he walked the patient over to a lovely bed of flowers to endure the rest of his days in peace.

Well done, good Samaritan.

The Palmyra Temple is such a beautiful and special place. I wish we could have gone inside, maybe next time.

The adults making small talk while Garrett rescues the needy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dinosaur Week

This week Garrett is taking a dinosaur summer camp at his preschool. Yesterday this conversation transpired between two of my favorite fellows.

Keith asked, "Garrett, what did you learn today at dinosaur class?"

Garrett with great excitement exclaims, "I learned about fossils. Dinosaurs fell in the mud and died, then millions of years go by. The dinosaur turn hard to rock, and the bones make fossils. Then we find them."

Keith, "Wow, that's great!"

Garrett asks, "What did you learn today?"

Keith responds, "Lot's of things"

Garrett continues it investigate, "What kind of things?"

Come on Dad, didn't you learn anything exciting today too.

Day 3 - Niagara Falls

Well worth the drive up to see Niagara Falls even though Garrett doesn't look that excited in this picture. It's amazing the power and force that water carries.

If you every find you're self at Niagara Fall, and are questioning whether or not to pay the twelve bucks to ride that Maid of the Mist? Do it! Fantastic! What an incredible experience, even with two babies on my lap who were not enjoy the experience so much.

As you can see Garrett and Keith were right in the action at the front of the boat. Those blue plastic twelve dollar rain covers were key to the fun.

What a view! And what fun company to enjoy the falls with.

Day 2 - Amish Country

Nothing like milking a fake cow. Yuk!

Monster tractor truck racing!

OK, this dude is plowing barefoot! Crazy Amish guy you're going to lose a toe!
Once again Kendall riding a horse. This time it's real and cost 8 bucks.

Had to take a picture of the cute Amish guy helping Garrett ride. Love the hats.

Gayle and I spent an hour in the quilt shop talking with a lady that was raise strict Mennonite but married a man who choose to practice a less strict life style. (Those quilts are amazing but expensive.) She had great respect for those who still practice all the Amish ways but ended by saying how grateful she was to not have to pump up her water, or always use lamps. I must say those Amish are hard workers with beautiful yards and houses.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 1 of our East Coast Tour - Hersey, PA

Last Tuesday we hooked up with Randall, Gayle and their family at Hersey Park for Day 1 of fun. Kendall found the carousel and really didn't care about any other ride but the "horses". It was the first and the last ride of the day.

Garrett and Elizabeth were maniacs on the rides. They closed the park down riding the Scrambler.

At the Riverwalk, Garrett and Eliza-baby enjoyed the kids pool while Carolyn did some surfing. You go girls! I couldn't get a picture of Garrett with his face up because it's never up.

Read the pool rules carefully.

Everybody do the dinosaurs!

Love the Tary-taryz!

Once again Kendall enjoying the horses.

Love this pictures. Kendall's not so sure if she's having fun.

I love these to cousins together. Can't wait to use this at their wedding. The first girls hand you should hold is your cousins.

Love the singing cows.

Summer fun at the lake house

Every year the Petersen's, Keith's cousins invite us up to the lake house in Deep Creek for a week of boating, canoeing, games, puzzles, food and family fun. Trent and Jan, Levi and Jen, Dee and her family, Andrea and her friends from Africa and Jacklyn all came up to make it one of the best trips ever.
Garrett had a blast with Ammon, Levi and Jen boy who is 5, and Connie is one of Garrett favorite cousin friends.

Garrett, Connie and Ammon took the water guns into the forest to find crawlifant and creatures.

Taryn enjoyed the fun from the dock.

Poor Jen trying to get Garrett and Ammon to paddle in the right direction. They made a few circles, but finally got it straight.

Even with the water freezing cold, Kendall couldn't keep from taking a dip.

Here's were the really fun begins.

While the boys were playing the water, Andrea helped the girls make cupcakes. Yummm! This was right up Kendall's alley.
Nothing better than a family talent show to display true skills.
Above is Anika demonstrating her flexibility. And below is Jen leading everyone in dance. Amazing moves were preformed.

Garrett and Ammon's talent was a reenactment of Star Wars. Breath taking performance! They won an Oscar for Best Play Fight at a Lake House.
Great times were had by all. Thanks again Trent and Jan for having us up. We will miss you greatly when you move to Shanghai. I hope to visit.