Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Opps....we've done it again!

After I had Alina, Dr Gonzalas asked me what our plan was for birth control. We discussed every option but didn't feel good about any thing but the rhythm method. I had experience depression and weight gain with the pill. We worried that IUDs or other hormones would mess up my period and knowing that we have such a short amount of time before I'll be too old to have children. We agreed to take our chances. The last thing I remember Dr. G saying to me before I left his office that day was, "I'll see you back in 9 months pregnant!" I laughed and thought it always takes me 3-6 months after I stop nursing to get pregnant and the nurse until my kids are 10 months, so we're good! And we were good until Alina decided to be a bad nurser and wean herself at 5 months. So here I am with and 8 month old baby, and I'm 7 weeks pregnant. It must be right because I feel good about it. I'm not worried or upset that I'll have 5 kids in 7 and 1/2 years. I'm a little worried about have 4 kids younger then 5! I'm due February 8th. I always have my babies a week early and Kendall's 5th Birthday is on January 31st. Crazy what can happen in 8 years of marriage.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go Diamondback!

This year Keith and our good friend, Jeff Merchant coached Garrett's T-ball team at Manassas Baptist league. It was a great little team of mostly Mormon kids, so it was always fun to go to the practices and games to talk to my friends.
Garrett really improved and learned a lot. I learned that white pant on a 6 year old, plus Virginia clay equals a half a day of scrubbing in the sink.
Handsome boy!

I love these pictures of Keith coaching. Look at the focus on the pitchers face while throwing that ball with precision to first.