Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's around the next bend?

I often wonder it that is the question running through Keith's head.

Don't take me wrong. Keith's HAPPY!

But as I think about the man I married 8 years ago, a very level-headed, calm, thoughtful, spiritual man, who planned out every event in his life with care and wisdom. I wonder....if now days he is asking himself, what's around the next bend?

I didn't realize when I married him how useful all those traits that Keith posses would be for me and our family in the coming years. But as I reflect on the past five or six years in particular, I'm so grateful that he is the man sitting next to me on this wild journey of building a family life.

Our life together as a couple and a developing family has been like a fast moving train winding up a mountain side. Like the one on the Polar Express. I guess that makes me one of the crazy engineers up front and Keith the calm, fun, wise conductor. Anyways, there have been times to relax, take in the view, sip hot cocoa, and sing songs. But just as we get settled in, the crazy fun begins, the train starts to wind and move faster, not knowing what's around the next bend. Fortunately for us, all good things have been waiting for us with each turn and the kids seem to be enjoying the ride.

How grateful I am to have Keith sitting beside me on this journey of life. He's calm, reassuring ways, keeps me going when things get busy around here. I know that I can trust his advice in every situation, and his support in never-ending. He takes everything in stride and can see the good in it, when I can't. I am so grateful that I can have someone good and worthy to trust and follow through life. He is the leader in our home that I can BELIEVE in.

Happy Anniversary, Keith!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Day for Taryn

Taryn has been so excited to turn 3. Probable because we have all convinced her that when you turn 3 your a "Big Girl" All of a sudden, she wants to be a big girl. I can't complain with a new baby coming.
Taryn is our prissy girl. She loves dress up, and pretty dresses. In fact, it's hard to get her to wear pants unless they are pink, purple or girly fashionable to her liking. She was so excited to get a new pink dress. It has now become known at the "Birthday Dress"

Because I had just had a baby, Taryn didn't get a birthday party last year, so we decided to join her 3rd Birthday with a BYU football party and kill two birds with one stone. (Pardon the expression.) Taryn was so excited to have friends come over a play, especially her best buddy Dalin Walker. She'd like to name our new baby boy after Dalin. She was really excited about the castle cake with candles. We made it EXTRA pink for Taryn this time. I also lost feeling in my three finger for a few days, from decorating the monstrosity. I have no circulation due to the pregnancy.
I believe Taryn had a happy day. We love our Tary-taryz! She is a happy, outgoing, clever little girl. I can't believe she's been with us for three years. I can't wait to see this one at a 10 year old. She's spicy and full of fun!
Happy day Taryn! We love you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Skittles the class pet came to our house for the week.
We took Skittles to dance class, then came home to teach him a few moves.

We decided to make Halloween cookies with Skittles. Kendall offered to eat Skittle cookie for him. Taryn just likes the sprinkles.

We also put together puzzles with Skittles.
Taryn noted out, "Skittles isn't helping!"
Skittles the Slacker isn't carrying his weight with the puzzles.

Everyone is going their separate ways.

Kendall's first back to preschool at Grace Methodist Children's Learning Center. This year Kendall has Ms. Marie Anne and Ms. Carie. Two great teachers. I am really going to miss Kendall every morning, but I'm sure I'll need the break when the new baby comes.

This is my favorite pictures.
Sister gotta hug!
I'm going to miss Kendall, but Taryn is going to REALLY miss Taryn. They have turned into such great friends and playmates. Hopefully Alina and Taryn can start to play together.

My sweet Taryn is so excited to started dance class. The part that she is most excited about is the tutu's and slippers. She been trying they on for a week to prepare for dance class.

Eat her up!

1st Grade

The Bus Stop Gang!
So three of these kids are 3rd graders, one of these kids are 1st graders, and two of these kids are Kindergartners. Which one towers over the rest? Garrett!
I hate the first day when they hop on the bus. I worry, yet look how happy he looks.

Pretty soon Garrett is going to have to take a knew for pictures with the sisters.

My handsome Big Guy!

What do you get when you mix....

Finger painting with getting snacks? A MESS!

Finger painting with cleaning the garage? Mess monsters!

And what do you get when you mix finger painting with potty training? Cuteness!

First attempts

I forget to post this picture. The first day Alina started to push off the ground and stand I took this picture of her. She was so pleased with herself, she giggled until she fell over. It all happens so fast.

Ali the busy girl!

What makes you think that even if you are this cute you can trash my pantry?
Stop getting into the beans and rice! Rotten baby!

Oh, the baby Alina! I don't know where the first year of your life went. You are the sweetest, easiest baby I've had, which will probable make you sibling mad when they are older and reading this. You're very content to sit and watch, or be in the mix of things. Curious about whatever your siblings are up too. Somehow you figure out how to open everything from the dishwasher, to a little jar full of money. We have started to call you "Spoon Thief" because one of you favorite pass times is pulling spoon off the table, then running ways giggling until someone chases you. You're quick to surrender your treasures with a smile!

Garrett's 7th Birthday!

We decided to keep things simple for Garrett's Birthday this year since we just got back from 6 weeks in Az., and next year will be a big party year. Garrett decided that he wanted to shoot off his rocket with Dad. I don't know what's more fun watching the rocket go off, or chasing three across the yard into the neighbors yard to try and catch it before it lands.

This year Garrett wanted a strawberry pie for his Birthday. He's a boy after his Uncle Randall's heart. He also wanted to pick his own present at Toys R Us. Of course, he picked the biggest Nerf gun or missile launcher available. This summer at the Bollwinkle's he played Nerf guns with the cousins and fell in love. Nothing too exciting but he had a great day. He's already talking about next year when he gets baptized and gets a dog. We love you, Big Guy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cousin Elizabeth

We love Elizabeth! These two cousins are two peas in a pod! They were born one week apart, but seems and look like twins. They have the same happy easy going personality. They love to play together.
I try to take pictures of them every year. This time I could really see how much they've grown up. I hope they are always buddies.

Garrett Birthday

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Give it 6 months

Right after I had Taryn, a good friend of mine and wiser mother of 6, told me, "Give it 6 months." The whole dynamic of a family and each person's ability and life experience changes every 6 months. How TRUE!
Six months ago, when I found out or admitted that I was pregnant with number 5, Alina was seven months old, barely crawling and sitting up, being spoon feed, and crying was her only means of communication. Taryn, was 2 1/2, and not potty trained. Kendall just turned 4, and spent the whole year not really enjoying preschool or any other activity that took her away from me. Garrett was 6, independent and self sufficient for himself, but not really capable of constructively assisting the girls. We were doing okay, but I wondered how I'd have the capability to care for one more.
Now six months later, Alina is walking-running all around this house. She feeds herself, and is starting to communication and have opinions about what she likes and does not like.
Taryn is potty trained! Yippy! Her and Kendall are great friends which really helps to entertain them. Taryn has even started to play with Alina and likes to help out. The cutest thing about, Taryn that she is SO excited about the "baby monkey boy" in my belly.
Kendall LOVES preschool, and she loves to go to friends houses.
Garrett has turned into my life saver! Just this morning, I thought, I don't know what I'd do without him. Keith is out of town, and I was up with sick baby Alina all night. I finally got her to sleep about 5:30, so I was crashed this morning. Garrett brought the other two girls downstairs, made toast, and cereal for them, turned on Taryn's Max and Ruby, pulled out a blanket for everyone because it's FREEZING already, got himself ready for school and sat down to play Wii until I woke up. I LOVE that boy! I wouldn't have woke up if, sweet Taryn's movie hadn't ended so she snuck up stairs to snuggle in bed with me. Not two minutes after Taryn crawled in bed with me, I could hear Garrett outside, "Taryn come out here, I told you not to bother Mom, so she could get her rest!" He sound just like his father. Keith is training him well.
I'm not saying we run smoothly but I do think we'll survive. Who knows what the next 6 months will bring?