Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Showering Baby Alina

My dear friend Linda Warner, through me a baby shower. Even though I hate party's for me, especially when I just had a baby and am huge as a whale, it was nice to get together with good friends. Baby Alina received many adorable outfits, blankets, books, jewelry, and pictures.
Thank you all so much!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alina's Big Day

At my appointment the Tuesday before Alina was born, Dr. G. suggested we get this big ole baby out. However, I didn't want to induce until my Mom could help with kids. She flew in on Saturday night, so we went in on Sunday morning for "the gel" The gel that cause intense cramping and pain but has sent me into labor with my past two babies. Sure enough within ten minutes the intense cramping and pain began. We walked around the hallways for tow hours to encourage contractions and dilation but like all the other times, I was a 1. I decided I'd rather be miserable at home or anywhere out of the hospital, so we went for a little drive.

But once we got in the car the pains stepped up a notch. I couldn't decided what to do, so we went to get a milk shake at 31 flavors, which I never crave. While enjoying my shake I couldn't think straight to make a decision. Keith really wanted to just go back to the hospital to wait it out but I couldn't decided. So we called our good friends, who is also a OBGYN. He said you can either go home, be in pain, and have to deal with your kids, OR go back to the hospital, ask for drugs and have no pain?
Hum? I didn't think of it that way. Good call by him!
When we got back to the hospital, they hooked me up to the machines, and found out I was in active labor. I was having contractions every three minutes for forty five minutes. The gave me an epidural, broke my water, and I went to sleep. Around 9:30 pm I started to feel pain and a lot of pressure, so I told the nurse I may need a little more juice in the epidural. So Dr. Gonzalas came into check me, and I was a 10. I pushed for about 10-15 minutes. Thank heavens she was facing down!
Out came baby Alina!
At 10:10p.m. our perfect 9 pounds, 6 ounces, and 21 inches long baby girl came into this world.
The first thing I notice was her long toes, perfectly round noggin and light hair. Those first few minutes with your new child are so precious. Although I feel love for my child before they are born, it doesn't compare to that overwhelming feeling you get the first time you hold them.
We called a let our family know. The kids really wanted to come visit the baby but due to the pig flu they could only check her our through the window, so Grandma helped them make crafts for me and the new baby. I love this paper plate creation that Garrett made of me with baby Alina still in my tummy. Oh, I love that boy!

Garrett's Cow's & Corn field trip

Being that I just had a baby, and I've been to Cows & Corn 6 times, Keith decided he would go with Garrett on his field trip. They had a great time on the hay ride, corn maze, making butter, and learning about cows.
This is Garrett and his buddy Will. They are in the same class at school and in Sunday School. We love Will.


Here's a little taste of the yummy little roles I get to snuggle with everyday.
We love baby Alina. She fits in perfectly.

I didn't make my white cocoon big enough for my chubby baby with LONG legs and toes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kendall's first field trip

Today was a very special day for Kendall. Not only did she get to go on her first field trip ever, but she also was able to share it with Grandma Hatch. They had a great time at Ticondoga Farms. They enjoyed a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Kendall picked out the prefect pumpkin for her and her little sister who had to sit in the car with Mommy while she nursed baby Alina.

Kendall was also brave enough to go down the biggest slide all by herself. In fact she enjoyed it so much the first time she did a few more times.

Taryn joined to the class for a picnic lunch and a private tour of the farm by Grandma.
Yes, she was trying to kiss the goat through the fence. Nice!

The girls loved the Tee pee.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy feet!

How could such a sweet face have such crazy feet! She has finger toes.

First attempt!

So here's a few pix from our first attempt at pictures of baby Alina. She was a perfect angel through the whole experience. More to come tomorrow.

I love those chubby arms. She's yummy!
So, who do you think she looks like, Kendall or Taryn?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome home Alina Maurine Jones

After spending the day being harassed by the Social Security lady to give my child a name before we leave the hospital, we finally settled on a name for baby number four. It's always a big stress for me to decided on a name.
I went to the hospital thinking that her name would be "Alina Reece" but Keith wasn't so hip on "Reece", so we looked up common middle names that go with Alina. "Alina Marie", sounded the best but Marie sounds like it should be a family name.

So we tried Alina Maurine Jones!
It works!
"Maurine" is Keith's mother's name.
Note that Keith really wanted to name her "Alina Catherine", so that we could nickname her "Allie Cat"

The siblings were so excited to hold her for the first time.

Kendall loves her sisters. Kendall looks so sweet with her fat lip.

Garrett was the most excited to have his sister come home. He can not keep his hands off her. In fact, I think he's more fond of her then the Wii and new playground set.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby number four

Baby number four arrived on Sunday, October 11th at Prince William Hospital. She arrived at 10:10 pm, weighing in at a perfect 9'6 lbs, and 21 inches long. She seems to be a blonde, with finger like toes, reddish complexion and rolly thighs. Yummy!
More details later.
These are the only pictures we have right now. More later.
She looks scared to death in this picture.

Visitors for Alina

Baby Alina was so excited to met her brother, sisters and Grandma, but she just couldn't stay awake.
First, Dad came by for a morning visit.
But when we asked about Grandma and the kids visiting, we were told that due to H1N1., no one but the parents are allowed in the hospital. So we decided to take advantage for the big window and Garrett's soccer practice at the field next to the hospital. The kids were so excited to she their baby sister. Alina and I felt a little like fish in a fish bowl. Don't tape on the glass.

As you can see, Garrett is in love with his new sister. However, Taryn was much less interested in her little sister sitting in Mom's arms. We'll have to work on that.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the fifth day before child birth...

Here is what I was up to. More
Most people are wise enough to do this when they are 30 - 34 weeks along so that they are glowing and not as big as a whale. But not me, I want to remember how huge I really was while bringing these adorable children into this world.
Actually between my photographer being a world traveler, end of the summer vacations and the school year beginning, the few days before I give birth is the only time we could get together.

Thanks Denise! You're a magician behind a camera.

Are we done?

Yesterday as I was getting ready, Garrett came in to talk to me. He was quite concerned because he had heard me on the phone say this was my last baby. (I don't know if this is my last baby, but right now I can't imagine ever being this miserable again.) So with this in his head, here's a little conversation that we had in my bedroom.

"Mom, is this really that last baby that you are going to have come out of your body?"
"I don't' know, Buddy! We'll see."
"If it is, I'm really sad, because I want a baby brother to play with."
Insert my heart breaking for him.
"Oh, buddy, even if I have another baby doesn't mean it will be a boy baby"
A moments pause.....
"Mom, to bad they don't make a machine that can look into our body and pick out the boy babys for next time you get pregnant."
"Yep, to bad it doesn't work that way. We take and love what Heavenly Father sends us."
"I love my sisters, Mom. They just aren't very good at the Wii"

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Let me first say, that my first Jackpot was marrying Keith!
Now on with the story, back in March for my birthday, all I wanted was a play set to occupy the kids. So the hunt began for Keith. He started watching them on Craigslist, Costco, Sams, and anywhere else they sell play set. He researched how much time and energy it really takes to put one together. And we watched the kids play on set to see what kids really like on a play set.
We both settled on the one at Sams Club, but being the money minded man that Keith is, he realized that come September or October these wholesale places will need to clearance out the sets to make way for the Christmas trees. Wise man! So for the past three weeks, he has been calling, and checking by to see if they were marked down yet.
Wednesday, Keith called to check on them, here's the Jackpot! They clearance them from $1600.00 to $999.00! Raise your hands in the air and yell, "Jackpot!"
So he zoomed over there after work to find them all sold out...... expect the floor model! Here comes the next Jackpot. Keith negotiated down the floor model to $900.00 which was actually what he wanted in the first place, so that he didn't have to put the stinking thing together. Come on, say it louder, "Jackpot!"
Next he called me to see who had a truck we could use to move it in eight or nine sections. The first person I thought of was Dave Dzaran, Mrs. Handyman himself. Do you feel a Jackpot coming on? Yep, Dave owns a big ole flatbed! They moved the whole thing in one trip. Jackpot!
The arrive of this play set, I will never forget.
Let me set the scene for ya....

Early Saturday morning as Garrett and Kendall sat on the sofa playing Wii, Garrett noticed, Santa Claus (Dave Dzaran) and his sleigh pull into our neighborhood. They started to run from window to window to get the best view of the flatbed carrying the best present EVER! They could not control the excitement.

Luckily Santa's elf were big and strong enough to safely unload the precious cargo. Little did they know the day's work that lie ahead.
Kevin, Keith friend staying with us for the weekend, would be the next Jackpot. Kevin, we owe you a day's labor on our house. I'm quite sure you didn't come all the way out to DC to put a playground set together all day. Your hard work has endeared you to my children, as "Dad's best buddy that put together our play set". Thanks!

Ahh! The finished product! The kids love it! I don't know whether to call it a belated birthday present, early Christmas present, or the best pregnancy present ever! We love you Dad! You rock!

Kendall loves the glider. She'll do it for hours. Garrett loves the crow's nest and monkey bars.

Taryn loves the little fort and bench on the bottom.