Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Vacation, phase II

For the week before Christmas, we stayed with my sister Vonda and her family. Garrett thinks that Aunt Vonda's house is the funnest place next to Disneyland. Whether it is summer or winter, Aunt Vonda's backyard is Garrett's favorite backyard. Garrett also loves that Aunt Vonda's house is a perpetual party. There is always kids or teenagers playing in that house, and Garrett is all about the fun. But I think his favorite part about Aunt Vonda's is that everyone always feels at home in their house. It's comfortable and relaxed. I don't know how they do that, but it's great. Also Garrett loves to be roughed up by Uncle Bill.
I felt really bad because while we were staying with Vonda and Bill, we all got the stomach flu, which we gave to poor McKenna. Sorry! As luck would have it, we got the stomach flu on the same day as family pictures with Keith's family. You'll notice that Garrett is not smiling in one. and Taryn is flat out crying in most. Nice!

I love baby Alina's big eyes!

So we couldn't get Taryn to smile until Keith brought out the big doggie, we borrowed from Aunt Vonda to pacify her. I do love the crying picture too.

Kendall the poser, and Garrett the quick smiler.

Sadly these are the best that we could get with the kids sick and so little time because we showed up late. O-well! I hope my kids appreciate that I tried to take family pictures, even when I just had a baby two months ago.

I love these pictures of Gordon and Ruth's family and Collette and Justine's family. It was nice to get to know our new cousins and our cousins that we don't get to see much.

Christmas Vacation, phase I

We flew into Alb. to stay with my parents and help my little sister Kristal & her family move into their new home on "J Hill" I love that my sister lives on "J Hill" or at least the side of "J Hill". They have a beautiful home and great kids. My kids would have been happy just to stay in Jo City and play with their Jo City cousins the whole vacation. We had a great time going to the park, harassing Grandpa, eating Grandma's food and going to the "Candy Store" It also was one of the only times during the vacation that I slept.
We also attend the Jo City Christmas pageant, were our two cousins were the stars of the show. Due to jet lag, Garrett slept through much of the performance but Kendall found it amazing. Only in Jo City could you reenact the manger scene, complete with all the scripture verse at the public school performance. I love Jo City! Thanks heavens for small town USA

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My sweet Kendall

These pictures of Kendall and I are some of my favorite. She was just the right size the fit under my big old belly.

Once again I LOVE these pictures

Taryn as usual did not want to have anything to do with smiling for the camera. I love my children but they stink at smiling for a camera or even holding still.

I love these in sepia

These picture almost make me want to get pregnant again.....almost.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Possibly my favorite family picture ever.

I love this picture.
Denise had it framed for me as a baby shower present. It hangs above our computer so that I can see it every day. I love how this picture shows the phase of life that we are in right now. It's my favorite pictures.
I never thought I'd want to post pictures of me at my biggest weight EVER, but I LOVE these pictures. Yes, I love every one of these pictures. I hate seeing my huge body but Denise Beatty did a fantastic job making my biggness look beautiful. There I said it Big is Beautiful!
But how is it that it was sooooo beautiful to be big while I was pregnant then how quickly it turned yuck! Now I'm just a fat girl that had a baby a few months ago. Not fair!
Okay be prepared for picture overload. I love them all and I can't decided which ones to post so I posted almost all of them.
Thanks again Denise! You rock!
I'd love to take your maternity pictures for your next pregnancy? Hee-hee!

Holy Big Belly!

Nothing about pregnancy is sexy to me, but Denise made pregnancy look sexy.