Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 4 - Play day for cousins and Legally Blonde

With all the going of the past three days AND Keith wanted to go get a new TV, Keith and I decided to stay home with the kids so that Brian and Lanae could go see the sites quickly without kids.
It was a great day for everyone. The cousins had a fun filled day of play, Keith and I did some chores and Brian and Lanae enjoyed DC.
I love the ceiling at the Kennedy Center so this time I took a picture of it. I guess this is just like my sister Vonda who takes pictures of her food at restaurants so that she can remember how good it was.

Then in the evening we met Brian and Lanae at the Kennedy Center to see Legally Blonde in the box. Brian seemed less than amused by the play but he endured it like a trouper for his wife.
Now I can't get the song, "Is He Gay or European?" out of my head.

Day 3 - Skating

I still feel bad about this day, but as always Lanae and Brian were positive and made this day into the BEST possible situation.
First off, our brand new big screen TV blow out! Yes not picture. Thanks heavens, we could still return it to Walmart and Brian was here to help with the move.
Then on the way to meet the boys for lunch our van over heated and had to be towed. NICE! Argh! Luckily we broke down close to the Manassas pow dunk mail. Lanae got to shop at H & M, the kids played on the coin rides, Brian rented a car at Sears, Keith had the car towed, and I bought a coke and watched the kids.
Lanae really wanted to take the kids skating in the cold weather. I'm not going to lie to ya I saw this event ending the tears for everyone, but it was a great day for everyone.

We took everyone to the pavilion in Old Town Manassas for ice skating. To my great surprise my big ole boy, Garrett was actually really good at ice skating. I was think he is going to be uncoordinated because he is so big but he seems to have good balance and courage to try anything.

When we came home to warm up and have some hot cocoa. Then we decided to go see the DC Temple lights, out for pizza, and try to find a new TV. Poor Keith and Brian didn't really enjoy sitting in the kids room watching the little crummy TV.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 2 - Monticello

We love going to Monticello! It's beautiful grounds and new museum exhibits are more interesting for the kids.

Keith gave me a new lens for Christmas, but it wasn't until Monticello that I had time to play with it. So while everyone went through the house tour, I keep Jeff and Kendall outside for a photo shoot. Unfortunately it was sunset, cloudy and my subject would not hold still.

OK I just think this is a awesome picture that I took of Monticello at sunset.

Awesome Jeff posing on a rock for me to practice with my new lens.

On the side of the house Jefferson had a shallow small pond where he keep fish, so that he could have fresh fish. The kids thought it was a wishing pond. While throwing sticks into the water, the kids were all making wishes.
Garrett throw a stick, then said, "I wish I was 8" So that he can get a dog.
Sweet Jeff, throw a stick, then said, "I wish I were a dog!" That's one better. I want to eat that kid up. SWEET!

Cousins come to visit Day 1 - Air and Space Museum

Brian, Lanae and the boys came to visit the day after Christmas. Saturday we started the day off with Keith and Brian playing in a 3 on 3 Tournament at the church. The little boys decided to get a piece of the action.
I love these little red headed boys. They are as sweet as they are cute.

Jeffy is showing some moves.

Luke and his trusty companion, blue dog.

Love this Micheal Jordon shot.

Then off the the Dullas Air and Space Museum.
These two boys are going to be life long cousin friends. They had a great time getting to know each other. It's fun to watch them both change and grow. It makes me want to move home, so that Garrett can strengthen that relationship.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why? How? Where? Who?

All day long, Garrett is asking questions. What does apprehensive mean? Where is El Dorado? Who's Elvis Presley? My favorite, that I get asked every day is, how does electricity work?
I should be enjoying his curiosity, but it's exhausting answering questions which lead to more questions. Also half the questions he asks I don't know if I really know the answer anyways.
More about Garrett is he likes to skip! Ya, skip! He's a big boy so it take some effort to skip. But when he is happy and running around the house playing, he skips from place to place.
He also is very good at saying "I forgive you" when Kendall or anyone else wrongs him and says they are sorry. I think because he recently learned what saying I'm sorry really means.
It's interesting how creative Garrett seems to be. Like today we collected papers from all the furniture at Sam's Club, then on the way home the kids had lollipops. When we got home Garrett made a beeline for the office drawers. Punched holes in the paper, bent the leftover stick from the lollipop through the holes and taped the stick together. Wah-lah, a flip charter!
He constantly comes to us with a list of supplies that he needs for a project in his mind.
Yesterday he made a clock out of the cardboard bottom of frozen pizza, foam heart sticker, bendy wire, hole punch, and markers.

Kendall, ah Kendall, she is her own little spirit. She's a girly-girl. She likes to play dress up and sing songs to herself. And she really doesn't mind who sees her prising. She loves her "Gay-yet". When we are at the store, she likes to point out things that "Gay-yet" would like. And pretty much out whole day centers around, when Garrett gets home. I can't blame her on that though, I feel the same way. We miss him when he is gone to school.

Taryn likes to play peek a boo. Especially when you are changing her dipe-dipe. !
She really thinks you can't see her when her hands or over her eyes. She also like to run away from you when I call for her. Rotten baby!
Which while we are talking about diaper change, Taryn tends to make "pellets" for poop. Easy to change, but smelly! Yuk!
Taryn also has a hair fetish! Since she was 6 or 7 months, she likes to rub hair. She rubs her own between her two fingers while she drinks her bottle. When I hold her or snuggle with her in bed she LOVES to rub my hair. Also she likes to suck on it too, which isn't so much fun.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas morning

Before I begin the low down on the Prizes of Christmas morning, let me document the events of late night Christmas eve. No this is not a romantic interlude, it's an unforgettable unfortunate experience for Santa's little helpers.
Let me just begin by saying that for the week leading up to Christmas, I said a few times, "Maybe we should get a jump on the late night Christmas Eve put together fun, and start on that kitchen?" No response.
After returning from a fun night at the Olsen's, put the kids to bed, turn the A Christmas Story, and we started assembling. As Keith was laying out all THREE HUNDRED pieces to the retro play kitchen, I could tell that this was going to be a LONG night. Little did I know that it was going to be a long and ugly night at the Jones household.
With out giving away to much, let me just document that a screwdriver was pitched across the room more then once, mild adult language was used, and we just about canceled Christmas. But alas with a little team work, Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the background, and Christmas magic, at 3:00 am the kitchen came somewhat together, and Christmas prevailed.
Now on to the joy of Christmas morning.

Crazy haired Tary-taryz got a shopping cart but was quick to take co-ownership of the infamous kitchen.

The kitchen was the best toy of the day for Kendall, with the dress-up box from Grandma Hatch coming in a close second. Her other favorite toy was the makeup kit from Mom and Dad.

Our little artsy-fartsy boy got an easel and paints from Mom and Dad, which is a hit for all the kids. And hours of distraction. He also received a V-tech from Santa and a new part to his train.

Garrett's school had a "Secret Santa Shop" where the kids could take a few dollars and buy presents for their family. Garrett was so excited to do this without any assistance from me. I was a little worried that we'd all end up with dinosaurs for presents. But I figured it would be a good experience.
Well two weeks before Christmas, Garrett and I were in the front room, and Garrett grabbed my face, pointed to the TV and said, "Mom do you like all that white stuff?"
There was a diamond commercial on TV. I laughed and responded, "Yes, I LOVE diamonds!"
Garrett thought for a minute, then asked, "What if they were in the shape of a heart. Would you like that?"
"Ya, Garrett I'd love diamonds in the shape of a heart"
Well that's exactly what I got, and it's beautiful. Garrett told me, "Every time you wear it, you can remember that Garrett loves you."
Kendall got Garrett the dinosaur that he wanted and Garrett got Kendall the light up ring that she wants so all was good with them.
Garrett got Dad a small statue of Superman that says "Dad your my hero" That Keith oh so proudly took to work for his office.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Part Two of Christmas Eve at the Olsen's

Another Olsen/Warner Christmas Eve tradition is the act out the Nativity story, complete with costumes by Leslie.
For some reason every year Garrett wants to be a sheep, his love of animals I guess. However this year he sized up the fancy costumes, and decided to be a wise man with Matt. He was also very concerned about finding a present to give to the baby Jesus. Fortunately he had investigated the game closet and say a box that looked like a gold.

Kendall was asked by portray Mary.
She was so excited to dress up and hold the baby (frog), but not so excited about sitting next to Joseph, Zack Olsen. Stranger danger!

We were all so excited when we heard the jingling of Christmas bells at the door.
Santa sent one of his helpers to bring us last minute presents.
Although Kendall has made it a rule not to sit on Santa's lap without crying or posing for a picture, she made an exception this time since Mom explained that the only way to get that gift out of Santa's hands was to do both of those things for one pictures.
You'd think she's like this jolly old elf, since he did bring her into this world with his hands.
Hint, hint.....

Garrett on the other hand could not wait to go up see Santa.
They both received PJ's and a small toy, which they opened and wanted to go immediately home to play with it.
You may be asking where is Taryn in all these pictures?
She sleep through most of the night preparing for Christmas morning.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1st Annual Beatty Bundt Cake Bonanza

Our good friends the Beatty's had the funniest Christmas party.
Here's how it worked.
The men were assigned to each make a bunt cake without any assistance from their wife to bring to the party.
Then at the party the wives were assigned to judge the cakes in these three categories...
1st Presentation
2nd Taste
3rd Overall
Once again Keith surprised all of us including myself by turning on the "charm" to present his pitiful little cake. (Yes, little! For some reason it didn't rise)
Needless to say, it worked and he won the category for presentation.
Who would have thunk!

After enjoying cake they had a white elephant exchange, which I spaced off and forgot to bring a gift.
Their were some creative gifts, exhibit A above - a live fish.
Troy seems happy with his prize.
The jingle boobs that Joe was forbidden to buy, I think would have been the true treasure for the night.
Good call, Jen on denying Joe of that purchase.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Part One of Christmas Eve at the Olsen's

Last year we were so happy to join the Warner's for Christmas Eve, and this year the Olsen's invited us to join their family tradition. This year the Warner's and Olsen's family have been such a blessing to us. We enjoyed BYU football with the Olsen's, Keith has got to know Mike and Eric through their callings, and I have Leslie and Lynda as good friends.
Not to mention how much Garrett loves his buddy Eric. Although I do worry as Garrett gets bigger, he may do bodily harm to "brother Olsen".

One of the wonderful traditions that the Warner/Olsen families do every Christmas Eve is a talent show. We decided to preform our family's favorite Christmas time story, the Nutcracker with paper puppets provided by Garrett Kindergarten class.
With the seductive voice of Keith was our narrator.
The diverse and skilled Garrett preformed the villainous Mouse King, and handsome Prince.
The talented Kendall as the girl, and the lovely Sugar Plum Princess.
Mom as the boy and the Nutcracker.
We had a bit of a problem always staying below and behind the small ottoman stage, but the show must go on.

Best buddy exchange

Garrett and his best buddy Braydon got together this week to play and exchange Christmas presents. To their great surprise, they both gave each other Plant Hero's, their favorite toys right now. Garrett received "Sunny Commander", and Braydon received "Earth Ace". I assumed Braydon was pleased with his present because once he opened it he rushed to the frig to cross off Earth Ace from his Santa list. Then ran back to Garrett to declare, "This present made all my dreams come true." A simple thanks you would have be enough.