Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I need a new approach to Easter pictures.......

My girlfriend, Jamie, has 8 kids & a new baby that she fostering. She takes the most adorable pictures of all her kids together. She can line them all up, they all look straight forward with eyes open, and most of happy or at least pleasant and great pictures are taken. I only have 5 and we struggle to even all face forward. Someone is always looking around or down, eyes closed, mouth wide open yelling CHEESE! I must be doing something wrong? Cause I think I have great subjects in front of the camera. Argh!

I love my round red faced bald boys! They are happy men. Landon couldn't look more like Garrett if he tried. I wonder if Landon hair will change dark like Garrett's or stay light. Garrett's hair was just as blonde when he was 1 too.

My pretty girls in their Easter dresses, which everyone in the ward took advantage of cheap modest dress at Costco, so they matched to few friends.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Garrett's first Pinewood Derby!

So I'm learning that with kids, especially boys, there are certain things that every child need to do or experience, a rite of passage, I guess. Boys play baseball, long to own a pocket knife, get a black eye, and make a pinewood derby car, just to name a few. The making of the car is not as easy as I thought I would be. Coming from a home of all girls, I didn't realize that they come in a kit that is just a block of wood. The designing, painting, decorating and weighting of the car all take time, develop skills and require tools that we do not own. We were grateful for Dav Dzaran, who not only had the tools, skill and know how, but he also had the 2012 Red Corvette that we modeled Garrett car after.
Note: Never teach your child to use a spray paint can on a windy day, especially when you are using a red paint.

Garrett didn't win the derby but he wasn't last in most of his races, so that's all we can ask for. He had a great time, and learned a lot along the way. Landon is really excited to make his first car.
I have learned to love boy scouts. It is an inspired activity and great experience for this age group of boys. Garrett is really lucky to have a great group of kids his age, and fantastic leaders. They all look so cute in their little uniforms.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kendall's 6th Birthday

Kendall decided that instead of a party this year, she just wanted to go to the American Girls store that just opened last year here in DC. A party would have been cheaper!
Anyways, so the girls and I headed into town for a fun filled day of looking a these pretty dolly and their outrageously expensive accessories. I have to admit that it is fun to look at all the little piano, shoes, clothes, bikes, beds, tea sets, and dogs. It's every little girls dream play store.

We ended our trip with lunch and dessert in the cafe. I didn't pay for the package deal, and we didn't get the serve that those who payed $75 dollars a person. But Kendall was still happy to be there. I had bought Kendall the party dress and costume for her Christmas doll Marie Grace. She was so excited to open a present in the store.

How did I not know.....

...that BYU football parties were going to become such a big part of my life? When I married Keith, I knew he graduated from BYU, that he loved sports, and that he enjoyed watching a game or two with his brothers, but I had no idea that there was a pull among most of the BYU alumni to gather, eat, and yell at the TV!!
The first few years of our marriage, I ignored the gatherings like it was a phase that my husband was going through, and it would pass. But then I realized that even if I don't give a hoot about the game, I enjoy the people who come. So I embraced the movement, by hosting the parties at my house and going to a few. I can't say that I "bleed blue" but I do enjoy the parties, and people. I have yet to know who they are playing or remember to wear blue.
Here's a few things I like about BYU parties. The number one thing I love about them, is the people. Some of our best friends out here in Manassas are our "BYU buddies", as I like to call them. Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching Leslie Olsen watch a game. Lets' just say she gets a little involved, excited, loud and nervous, none of which is her normal mannerisms. BYU games and the Super Bowl fall on my kids birthdays, so it's easy for me to mix them together for one big party. My kids love to go to the parties to play with friends and eat the yummy food, not to mention that BYU games make my husband very happy, sometimes.

Winter Fun!

This winter the kids really enjoyed ice skating. Garrett turned into a speed race. I had two different people tell me that he should take up hockey. He was able to ice skate enough to earn his belt loop and pin for cub scouts. Keith went with the YW/YM ice skating, so Keith took Garrett a little early so that he could learn to sharpen the blades. Kendall and Taryn took ice skating lessons this year. At first it wasn't their favorite because they both took a hard fall, but we learned to bundle them in snow pants and they learned to balance. They both learn to stop and somewhat skate backward. Happy memories were made. Of course Landon, Alina, and I enjoyed refreshments and shopping of the downtown shops. Tell me that's not a cute little man?