Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What are we going to do with FOUR!

We just found out that I'm pregnant! We had decided not to do anything to prevent pregnancy because of two reasons. The first was after we tried and couldn't get pregnant with Kendall. It was so frustrating to want a baby and not be able to have one. Also, because we both older so soon we will not have the opportunity to have more children. If we are going to have children now is the time. But that being said, I had decided that we were not going to "actively" try to get pregnant until the summer so that Taryn would be two and half. I guess the Lord has a different plan for when more children will come to our family.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little frustrated and grouch about being pregnant. As with most women, I don't enjoy the sickness, changes in bodily functions, delivery, sleepless nights, and emotions that go with pregnancy. But I do want a baby, so this is the process which all must endure. I felt bad for Keith, who was SO excited that we are pregnant. I had to share the news with Kristal in hopes that she would try to get pregnant so that our kids could be close together. Little did I know that she was already pregnant and due two weeks before us.

Here's a odd thing. Every time I am pregnant, one of the Jones' sister-in-laws are pregnant with me. First, was Gayle , who had Elizabeth a week before we had Garrett. Then Aubrey, who had Courtney two weeks before we had Kendall and she had Whitney two weeks before Taryn. So Keith and I were wondering who was going to be pregnant with us this time? Exactly a week after we found out we were pregnant, Lanae called to announce she was pregnant and due Oct 20th or 21st! We are due on the 19th! Crazy! The Lord must want the Jones' cousins to be close, because you can't get much closer then that. As I was talking with Lanae, she we so excited and said how much Brian was excited. It made me feel bad for Keith that I was such a grump about one of the happiest events in our life. It also made me realize that I needed to be more happy and positive about being pregnant. This is a huge blessing that many long for but will never experience the beauty and the yuck of this experience. So I have decided to shape up and enjoy what may be my last earthly experience of bearing a child. I am grateful for this opportunity, even when unexpected.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naomi's Birthday Celebration

Over the weekend, we were able to have our favorite baby sitter's 15th B-day at our house. I think Kendall was more excited about Naomi's party then her own the week before. She really wanted to make her a castle cake just like her b-day cake. This time we decided to make the castle purple and pink. The cake is kind of bright, happy, and crazy, but made with lots of LOVE.

There was a great and pretty big group of kids that came to Naomi's party. It was fun to watch all the teenagers interact with one another. I don't know if I'm ready for that phase of parenting yet, so it's a good thing we're in the diapers, crayons, and playground phase.

I can't not even tell you how much we love you, Naomi. Thanks for letting us enjoy your Birthday celebration.

Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!

For Valentine's Day this year, we decided to take new pictures for Keith frames in his office. This task sounds much easier than it was for us.
Poor Naomi, our baby sitter and talented photographer, had to come over twice to try and get one picture with all of us facing forward. Who cares if anyone it smiling. What a battle!
But we were able to come up with a few pictures worthy of the frame.

Handsome Garrett! I can not believe how big this boy is getting.
Sweet Taryn trying to eat her bunny.

Somehow Naomi was able to one good picture of me. With much assistance from photo shop, we were able to make is presentable for a frame.

Of the six hundreds picture that we took this is the only one with all of us facing forward, so we called it good.
Love this picture of Princess Kendall giving a bow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blank stares....

While the kids were outside playing in the snow, Taryn and I decided to try and get some pictures of her in her blessing gown before she out grows it.
First we enjoyed a good time in the bath. Our kids LOVE water! And Taryn was all smiles in the tub......

Then as soon as I got her dressed......blank stares.
Well as least I have pictures of how gorgeous her blessing dress is on her.

Senior pictures for Allen

It was fun to take Allen's senior pictures. It really helps to take pictures of people other than your own family. Allen was so excited, which made it fun too. Good luck Allen!

Snow Day!

Finally it really snowed. It seems like this winter there has been many days of it might snow or it's snow up north, or snow that doesn't stick, so it's was nice to have a real snow day.
My favorite part of playing in the snow is dressing the kids up in the gear. They look so cute and are sooo excited to go out and play.

This is the only picture of have of Garrett because the second he was outside, he was over playing the with the neighbor boys. They are way into snow boarding down our hills so they were really excited to see Garrett come out so that they could come over to use our hills. This was Garrett first try at snowboarding and he did pretty good.

The is the first year that Kendall actually stayed outside and played for a while, last year she was too cold, cried, and went back inside. But this year she keep her Dad busy pulling her up the hill and sliding down She also was a pretty good aim with the snowball.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pink and red all over....

To celebrated the
Cardinals going to the Super Bowl
Kendall turning 3,
we decided to have a
Pink and Red Princess Super Bowl Party!

Bet ya never been to one of those before?

I decided to make a castle cake, which was a much bigger task than I had expected, but Kendall (and I) was very pleased with the results. As you will see by the many photos that we took, I was quite proud of this party. So if you have a low tolerance for PINK, you may not want to view this post.

Kendall could not have enjoyed the party any more than she did. She loved having her friends over, and playing games.

Here's all the princesses that attended the party. We had a great time making wands, necklaces, frames, bags, and eating the cake.

Garrett and William enjoyed running around and eating all the food. We need to have that kid over more often.
While everyone left at half time, I decided to stay up and support my sweet husband. I'm not going to lie to ya, I thought I would be just consoling him, but to my great surprise and his, the Cardinals actually scored a touchdown to be in the lead. We were jumping up and down and hugging one another in the front room. What a touching moment. But alas the Steelier came from behind in the last few minutes to take the lead. It was a sad time in our house when the Steeliers won the Super Bowl, but we are so proud of the Cards.

The Table Dweller.

Taryn likes to put all her favorite toys on the table then climb up and sing on the table. If you try to take her down, she cries and pitches a pretty big fit, then just climbs right back up. I like to call her my Table Dweller.

Is it Uma or not?

This is a friend of ours daughter. Since the first day I saw her I thought she looked like Uma Thurman, but even prettier as you can see from these pictures. She needed head shots and asked me if I could help her. It was so much fun taking these pictures. And as you can see every shot was gorgeous, even though I have very little skills. Good Luck, girl!
Also thanks sister Kristal for the AWESOME actions! So much easier.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last day - Batimore Aquarium

The aquarium was so much fun for the kids. The cute little red headed Jones' boys LOVE Ninja turtles, so they were so excited to see turtles. The dolphin show was a big hit.

Little Lukey loving on the cousin Kendall.

Sweet little cousins in a row.

Garrett and Ben in front of a ship in the Baltimore harbor.

This seems to be how I always see Keith and Brian when I turn around. I know this stroller pushing phase of our life will not last long, so here I will document it for future thought.

Day 6 - Natural History Museum

Oddly enough I didn't bring my camera this day, but none the less we had a great time seeing all the animals and artifacts. Plus we made it home in time for the boys to watch football.

Day 5 - New Years Eve

Due to the chilly weather, we decided to have the Dads take the kids to the movies, while Lanae and I went shopping. Then in the evening the adults went out to dinner and the movies, while Naomi celebrated New Years Eve with the kids at 8:00 pm. Good times!
Kendall and Jeffy become great buddies. Kendall has decided Jeff is who she will marry and she loves to dance with him. I hope Kendall finds someone as sweet as Jeff.