Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who said you can't kill a betta fish?

Because we did. Garrett was one sad boy. So off I went like any other sucker mom to buy another one. We not only came home with one green Betta fish, Gecko. We also came home with a whitish pink fish for Kendall that we affectionately called Barbie Princess. Great, now where am I going to put all the bowls?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The girls

I love disposable cameras for the this reason. You take a picture then months, even years go by till you develop them. What a fun experience to remember back and realize all that has changed. I need to take more pictures.

Oddly enough Taryn now has more hair than Kendall. But I LOVE that big bald baby face.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have to put this one up...

It cracks me up.

Or as my sister says, "You have got to be freaking kidding me! Makes me sick."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall fun at Cows and Corn

First off, thank heavens for disposable cameras.

Next, thank heavens I am not a Kindergarten teacher anymore.

That being said, it was a great day at on Garrett's field trip to Cows and Corn.

The little old man that at the corn maze always makes me giggle.

Here's Garrett doing the shake, shake, shake to make butter in a cup. We enjoyed the hay ride and tour of the dairy.

Had to throw this one in. Here's my good friend, Denice, trying to prime the pump.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Leesburg Animal Park with Braydon

Garrett's best buddy, Braydon isn't going to school this year, but Garrett is, so it has been hard for us to get these boys together to play.
We decided to take a field trip to the Leesburg Animal Park to enjoy the Fall fun.
First stop was the petting cages. Garrett was in Heaven!
He ran from animal to animal petting each one and singing..

These animals are friends of mine..
Something, something, something...
So go make an animal friend today!

Here's Leeann trying to talk Braydon into touching this deer.
And Kendall trying to figure out what's the big deal?
She kept telling Braydon, "See like this." Then she's pet the deer.
This experience ended in tears for one person.

Garrett in the zone dancing from animal to animal, sharing the love.

It's a break though for Braydon. And I caught it on camera.
Good job, Braydon!

Kendall has no fear, and a bit of an attitude.
This deer would not move, so she keep telling him to, "Get up!"
And this pig would not hold still, so he got an ear full about running her over.
"Don't hit me pig. That's not nice."
I'm sure the animals will correct their ill behavior.

Ah, the hay ride....
which I personally could do without, because that is when the sneezing begins for me.
But the kids had a great time!

Good times on the moon bounce.

This is a classic Braydon face.
Pure Joy!

Garrett decided to see if he could lure the ducks over to him.
This kids is an animal freak!

Taryn, like always enjoyed the whole day. She is such a good baby.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Funny things Garrett says...

Garrett 6 - 08
Today Garrett asked me to refill his bubble blower.
As I was doing it, I said, "Don't waste this, I'm not going to keep refill this thing" Because he just spills it on the floor and then plays with the soap.
Garrett replied, "OK Mom, I'll waste it, but I won't cry about it."
Now that's what I should have said to him the in first place.

Garrett 5 - 08
Garrett and Keith were deciding what to eat for lunch, and Dad asked Garrett what he thought they should get me to eat.
Garrett responded, "Let's get her food that will make her have a baby in her belly."
I guess since my belly still looks like it's occupied by a baby, we miles well have a baby in there.
Later that day when we were talking about him saying that he also added, "If it's a boy, we should name him Otis" Yes Otis, from barnyard.
NO I am NOT pregnant, but if I were we'd have to put Otis on the long list of names.

Garrett 5 - 08
As I was putting Garrett to bed, he exclaimed, "Mommy, some people are brownish."
I thought for a minute what brought this on and how should I respond? So I just said, "ya"
Garrett continued with, "And some people are peach like me, but we all like to play."

Garrett 3-08
Keith said to Garrett, "How did you get to be such a big boy?"
Garrett's response, a hand motion of him shoveling food into his mouth.
Keith laughed then said, "No, really how?"
Garrett thinks and comes up with, "Well, I went to sleep and then I wake up, and I looked at myself. Then I realized that my body had grown this big."
Me too, Garrett.
I realize that every morning.

Garrett 3-08
Today during the prayer on the food Garrett said,"Blessed the food with strength."
It's gonna need it when we're through with it.

Garrett 2-08
So today I was reading Garrett and Kendall the story of Joseph Smith and the first vision. Garrett saw the picture of God the Father and Jesus Christ and asked, "This one is Jesus, but who is this?"
I replied, "That's Heavenly Father, Jesus Father and ours?"
Garrett thought for a minute then questioned, " But Jesus already has a mother and father, Joseph and Mary?"
Confusing the whole two fathers, earthly and Heavenly.

Garrett 2-08
So we were sitting at Costco on Friday night, (our typical date night) eating pizza and a very berry yogurt. And like always Garrett was making a mess all over himself.
Keith exclaim to Garrett, "Were you born in barn?"
Garrett thought for a minute and without taking any insult at all, responded, "No, but Jesus was born in a barn."

Garrett 1-08
We were at church today and Garrett saw a picture of Gordon B. Hinckley.
He replied, "He's dead!"
I said "Yes" with a smile.
Then Garrett said "He's old and Heavenly Father needs him."
How true!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I've started another blog for Garrett's first year and accidentally put the pictures on this blog without realizing it. O-well! He's super cute anyways. And what about that handsome Dad?!! Hubba-hubba!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My boys.

I LOVE these pictures of Garrett and Keith. Our little High School friend took them for us while we lived in Tucson. Her mother asked me to encourage her to do more photography, so I asked her to take our family pictures. She did a great job!

I want to EAT him UP! All these pictures remind me of Taryn.