Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happiest Man EVER

For the most part we have pretty happy easy going babies. Landon has got to be our best baby yet. There are only a few things that make him cry. Hunger, Alina sitting on him, and extremely loud scary screams by his siblings. Most of the time, even the extremely loud scary screams by his siblings just make his giggle until he cries. Mean, right! Anyways, he's perfect in every way.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preschool Graduation

I never think these preschool graduation are much but then, when I'm there thinking about my little person going to a big public school, where I don't see them ALL day. It freaks me out! I worried about Kendall at the beginning of preschool because she's a little shy, and relies on Garrett and her buddy Maggie to speak up for her. But this year was perfect for her. She really blossomed! She more secure with herself and outgoing with those new situations. She's starting to read and has acquired great school skills. I owe all of this to her FANTASTIC teachers, Ms. MarieAnne and Ms Caire. They are angels. I was so hoping Taryn could have them but they are leave Grace Learning Center for new adventures themselves. They were an answer to my prayers this year. With as crazy as this year has been, they keep thing grounded and fun for Kendall. They nurtured her when she need love and challenged her when she needed to rise. Thank you!
Kendall was so excited to graduate. We are so proud of her.

Note that Kendall and Maggie are the only two with their eyes closed and head bowed. Habit! They clasped hand at school.

Monday, June 20, 2011

We love Naomi!

We had a special treat last weekend, our old baby sitter, Naomi came to visit. Their family moved to Costa Rica a few years ago, and have missed them greatly. Naomi hadn't even seen our youngest two babies, but Alina and Landon quickly bonded with her. The kids had a great time playing outside with Naomi, and I enjoyed catching up on the Dorsey's, my friends.

All on a summers evening

The girls finally performance of dance was delightful. They held it in front of the Merchants home under the shade of a oak tree. Emily Merchant, a dear friend, has been teaching the girls dance this year. She not only teaches they dance but she also teaches them about art, music and even reading this year. This year Taryn was so excited to be a flower, Kendall was excited about acting out the Very Hungry Caterpillar because she was going to be Salomi. We are going to miss the Merchants.

Where did the past 4 months go?

And how did this kid get so big? We just took him in for his four month well check, he weighs 17 pounds and 11 ounce. He's only 3 pound less them Alina. We get asked all the time if they are twins. He's huge and she's bald, so side by side they look the same age. Until she start loving/pounding on him, and you notice that he has to sit there defenseless, without control of his body. That heavens he loves her. He loves all the kids. He's big eyes just follow this kids around all day. He is a perfect little angel.