Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What makes it feel like Fall?

When you have pumpkins growing in our backyard! Ya, big fat pumpkins!
Some of the vines are struggling due to being moved because they had started to grow down into the walkout and clog the drain.
As of last count we have 13 pumpkins growing.

If the pumpkins aren't cool enough, we have tomatoes out our ears. Which is really amazing if you realize that we planted our garden, never watered or fenced it in, and left the state for 6 weeks in the dead of summer. We came back to an over grown jungle out back!
Note-I think our garden didn't get eaten up by bugs and squirrels because we have resident black snake that has made a home in the pumpkin vines.
My favorite part about the garden is the fresh, cheap salsa!
The kids LOVE to pick the carrots.
They're small but really sweet and taste, when they remember to wash them off first!

Every other day the kids go out with Kendall's pink wheel barrel to pick.
Garrett's favorite has been the snap peas!
They remind me of going to Grandpa Adams garden.

For those of you who haven't noticed.....

Or haven't seen me in a few months.....YES, we are pregnant with number 5!
I'm not just still fat from the other four prenancy!