Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cousin Elizabeth's Baptism and 8th BIrthday Party

 Okay I'm all off on order of post but at least I'm getting it done.  

This was Garrett, cousin Elizabeth's baptism and birthday party.  She was born a week before Garrett, so they are good buddies.  It's was great fun and Peter Piper Pizza with all the Jones Cousins.  What a happy memory!

Denver, Colorado

 Every year, except next year, Keith and I get away for 3-4 days to his annual Accounting Conference.  They year we spend our getaway in Denver Colorado.  All honesty, I was not looking forward to Colorado, but it was fun.  They hotel was great, food was okay, and not having for to take care of all five of my kids was a HUGE break.  We brought Landon, because I didn't way to over load my family with kids.
Not much to see in Denver, but just walking around was great.

Landon and Grandpa Jones

It's always fun to me the traditions that families have.  Well here's a Jones thing!  All of my babies have their picture taken on Grandpa Jones' lap.  He sings silly song, bounces them, and they get usta Grandpa's huge hands.

I'm trying to be like Jesus...

First day of School 2011

Why is it that when Garrett was getting on the school bus for the first time three years ago, I was worried sick about that little (BIG) boy, but this year my little Kendall was hopping on that bus and I was so excited for her.  But I guess she wasn't at prepared as I thought she was.  When we got to the bus stop with all the kids running around crazy happy, and realized she was getting on that bus without Mom or Taryn, fear set in.  Big brother to the rescue!  Garrett grabbed her and walked her onto the bus.  Eva and Julia, two super sweet girls from our street sat by Kendall and helped her make new friends.  We are so blessed to have a great neighborhood with great families.  Kendall happied up about 2 minutes into the bus ride and fortunitely they only ride the bus for 10-15 minutes till they are at school.  Kendall has Mrs Surber, Garrett's old K teacher, and Garrett has Mrs. Taylor, the jury is still out on how that is going to go.

Landon and Straton, Cousin Buddies

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garrett's thoughts on his baptism day

 My Baptism
by Garrett Jones

I was waiting a long time for the baptism to start. In the car, I was annoying my mom asking every second by asking, “When will the baptism start?” We stopped at the store to buy white underwear in case you could see through the wet baptism clothes. When we got to the church, I was so excited. I was baptized at Uncle Bill’s church in Queen Creek, Arizona. Everything was set up when we got there. My dad and I put our white clothes on in the men’s bathroom. There was a poopy diaper in the bathroom by the white clothes.

We took a few pictures before the baptism started. Everyone started to come in like my cousins and grandpas and grandmas and aunts and uncles. We started the meeting with a song and an opening prayer. My big cousin Will gave a talk on baptism. Then my dad and I went into the font and my dad baptized me. I felt so warm and good. We got out of the font and looked the bag of supplies we had for the baptism and found no towels. So, we had to use paper towels to dry off. They worked pretty good. Then we put on our nice clothes. We went back into the room where the baptism was. I knew that I had already been baptized by water and was about to be baptized by fire as in the Holy Ghost. My cousin Katie Bollwinkle gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. They put a chair in front of all the others. I got to sit on it. All of my uncles, grandpas and my dad, came up an put their hands on my head and gave me the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I felt very warm and good. I tried to leave and forgot to give my dad a hug and shake hands with my grandpas and uncles. So, I had to go back up to do that.

Then it was Landon’s turn. Landon got a baby blessing right after my confirmation. I felt so proud of Landon. I felt so excited about getting baptized on the same day that Landon was blessed. Then I thought of my dad and Uncle Randall because they did the same thing. Uncle Randall was baptized on the same day that my dad was blessed.

After the baptism, we went to Aunt Vonda’s and went swimming and ate cake. I had a lot of fun at my aunt’s.