Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Traditional Gingerbread house

I'd love to say that we made this house from scratch, but buying the kits are so easy. The kids get the same excitement out, we chose easy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taryn's a Walker!

Taryn has decided the give walking a try. It's about time, being that she is 1 year and 1 month. She's not very stable, and it rather picky about the ground she'll walk on, but she's walking. She's not very fast, so in order to keep up with the pack she often reverts to crawling, her faster mode of transportation.
I'm just happy with she can walk with not complications from her hips.
Taryn's favorite thing to do is hide in her special place between the treadmill and the wall with her brothers Webkinz. Everyday I clean out a collection of items that Taryn hides in her special place.

All I want for Christmas is healthy kids...

On the day after Thanksgiving, Kendall started to run a fever which increased until it was 105 on Sunday night. On Monday morning we visited the Doctor, who immediately gave Kendall a breathing treatment and questioned whether or not to put her in the hospital. She had a double ear infection, RSV, and pneumonia. Fun! I'm not going to lie to ya, the next days were scary for me. I was up all night making sure Kendall was breathing. The past few weeks we have been home bound with occasional visits to the Doctors. The co-pays are killing me, but I will gladly pay them to have a healthy child. Kendall loves the breathing treatments because she gets snuggle time with Mom. Garrett's a little jealous of the snuggle time he's not getting.

Christmas Candlelight Carnival!

This year, Garrett and Keith were able to go to the Christmas Candlelight Carnival (or something like that), for children with cancer. Keith nephew, Josh had a cancer tumor removed from his brain about a year ago. He is now doing chemotherapy. Thanks heavens, he is almost finished with that too. Through him, we were invited to this party held in DC at the Old Post Office.
Garrett and Keith had a great time, enjoying the games, face painting, songs, treats and huge Christmas tree.
As you can see Garrett really got into character of his face painting. A tiger never looks so scary.

He also made a sand bottle and was able to pick out a toy from Santa's shop.
Thanks Josh for inviting us to your party when you couldn't make it.
We had a great time.
We hope you are feeling better and enjoy Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving with friends

As usually, we started the day by going to watch Keith and his fellow ward members play in the Turkey Bowl. Taryn was happy to see the Walker girls so that she didn't have to crawl in the grass anymore. The kids were happy to run around in the grass.
Then with tradition we ran through McDonald's for breakfast and a coke to start our day off right.
To make Thanksgiving even more enjoyable I didn't have to cook anything. We were invited to the Beatty's house for dinner. I was assigned dessert which was good with me as Costco exceeds my dessert making skills.

The men enjoyed conversation and appetizers, while the the ladies had fun in the kitchen with friends.

Taryn enjoyed exploring the Beatty household.

Good food and great conversation was enjoyed by all.
Beatty family thanks again for inviting us.