Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Highlights from 2011

Kendall Macy turned 5! Can not believe we have enjoyed her for 5 years and that she old enough to go to school. She seem to little, but I guess I needed her to grow with our 5th child coming in two days. Kendall thought it was so awesome that Grandma Hatch came for her Birthday, and that the new baby would come two day after the birthday. Let's hope she always enjoys sharing birthday celebrations.
Preparing for the birth of our 5th child, felt like preparing to go down into a bomb shelter. I remember thinking, I'll never go out again. What was I thinking? I have 4 other kids that have routines to keep.
Landon Sterling Jones arrived on 2-2-2011! Exciting enter into the world, see old post for details. We LOVE this boy! He is such a blessing! Although difficult to adjust to 5 kids under 7, we are one happy family.
So grateful to have Grandma for two weeks! Wish I could have had her for two months.
Five weeks after having Landon, Keith had to go to Salt Lake City for training with his calling. I thought I was going to crumble, but we survived.
I turned 40! Eeks! I feel 50.
Can't remember anything!
It's all a blur!
I'm sure something exciting happened in April, May and June of last year, but I can't not for the life of me remember anything about that time of our life! Sad! I know!
We made the trek west! Really I flew out with the Landon (5 months) and Alina (20 months), interesting trip to say the least. Anyone can endure 5 hours! Poor Keith had the three older kids for three day in the car driving cross country. Good man!
We enjoyed the Jones reunion in Flagstaff, and the Hatch reunion in Durango, CO.
We took advantage of free babysitting with a getaway with out the kids for Keith and I to Denver. Thanks Mom! We decided to stay long enough for Garrett to celebrate his 8th birthday out with family and be baptism with both Grandparents and most of his aunts, uncles and cousins there. To make it a extra special day, we blessed Landon on the same day as Garrett baptism. Keith was blessed on the same day as his big brother, Randall. After 6 weeks of lots of swimming and playing with the cousins, we had to fly home.
Upon returning from Arizona on the 26th of August, we learned that our Bishop was moving. Three days later we received a call from the Stake President asking if he could come visit our family. We both just thought he was troweling all the High Priest! It never crossed my mind, he would call Keith. Keith was serving in a calling under the Seventy, the Stk. Pres. would have to ask for him to be released. Plus, we have 5 kids now under 8! Our life is crazy!
Nope I was wrong. After visiting with us for an hour or so at 6:30 p.m. (the craziest time possible), seeing all our kids, asking their ages, President Hilton asked Keith to be the Bishop of the Manassas 1st Ward...... I was surprised, but I immediately felt very calm and reassured that this was right! The spirit was so strong in our home, that I could not deny that Keith was called to be the Bishop at this time, for our ward. I have to remind my self of that feeling some nights when all of my kids are screaming, dinners not ready, the house is a mess, and Keith's not coming home till late. But it has been a blessing and life it getting easier. The kids are getting bigger, babies are sleeping better, routines are becoming my favorite thing, and angels in our ward have helped be through the tough spots.
Keith officially became the Bishop!
Keith, and Garrett take a road trip with their buddies, the Walkers, Ellsworths and Gregorys to Mississippi to watch a BYU football game. Although the humidity was a low point for Garrett, the traveling and comradeship was great!
Alina turned 2 in word and deed! She puts new meaning to "Terrible 2s". I love her but I don't always like the rottenness. We refer to her a "The Spice Sister"
Keith took a brief trip to the hospital.
Taryn turned 4! She already seemed four to me. She's a mature little thing with an extensive vocabulary.
Keith and I celebrated our 9th anniversary by going to Jersey Boys with our buddies the Walkers. Good times. Yummy food!
Landon miraculously started sleeping through the night! Hallelujah!
Grandma and Grandpa Hatch came for Christmas! It was Great to have them here with the kids and Grandpa fixed everything on my house! Yippy!
Be are blessed to happy healthy children, a good job and home, great friends and family, and the peace and understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Landon Sterling

Oh, how we love the Little Man! He is just getting big too fast. I love to watch him swing his little hips back and forth while he crawls across the floor. He seriously is the best baby ever. He's very content to just sit in his highchair or crawl around exploring the house, which is such a contrast to his spicy big sister, Alina. Oh, how he LOVES her. Everything she does is magic! Even when she feels it is her responsibility to mother him to death. Her favorite phrase is, "No-no baby Wandon!" He loves her even when she sets him up. She loves to open the bathroom door, then stand there and wait until he comes cruising into play in the toilet and eat the toilet paper. Then she's the hero when she yells, "No-no baby Wandon! Get out!"
Landon is a little shy! When he's in my arms and someone tries to talk to him, he bares his head in my shoulder. He also doesn't like loud noises, which is problematic in the house of constant noise. When the kids are yelling or Alina starts her ear piercing scream, he pulls a frown and starts to cry too. He's going to have to toughen up, if he's going to survive around here.
He loves to make the motorboat noise while he plays. He likes to use every square inch of the crib when he sleeps. It's a good thing he's my 5th, because he's always asleep on him tummy with his head pushed under his blanket or in the corner.
Landon is HUGE. Keith calls him, "Little Man" but there is nothing little on this guy. In fact, he maybe bigger than Garrett, which is hard to imagine. He's perfect to me. I love this chubby man.
He brings me joy!
He's the perfect end to our family.
We love your baby Landon!

Alina Maurine

Sugar and spice would be a great description of Alina. We like to call her Ali, Lena, Ali M., Sunshine, Dr. Jekyle and Mr. Hyde, Rotten Beast, and the neighbor's kid. But like Taryn, we pray that she is just in a phase, and that it pass soon. Most of the time, Alina is a sweet, busy, little girl. Then with in seconds, she can become a whirlwind of terror. I know that all two year olds, have their mood swings. Alina's are just a little louder, rougher, longer and painful then most. I'm hoping she'll be a great singer, because she can make her screams symphonic.
You can tell that Alina just wants to be as big as the other girl with equal treatment in every way. A few weeks ago Keith had been in New York for a few days, so we made a night of it by grabbing dinner and watching him ride in on the train at the Old Town Station in Manassas. Keith decided to take the kids straight to the movies without them knowing where they were going. When we pulled up in front of the ceniama, and the three older kids pilled out with Keith. Alina started to scream, "What about me? What about me?" Sad for you Ali! You're going grocery shopping with Mom.

Alina LOVES, "Baby Wandon" I feared she would be jealous or rough with him being that they are so close in age, but she's the exact opposite. She's often concerned with where he is and if he is okay. She'll go up to his empty car seat and ask, "No baby Wandon, where he go?" When Landon wakes up but is just kicking it in his crib, Alina will go into entertain him. She throws everything and anything into that crib with him, Nerf guns, legos, dollies, brushes, diapers, and any food she can reach from the kitchen.
Like most two years old, she is a pirate of every word she hears.
For some reason our kid don't get hair until they are two. In September Alina started to get her hair, right after we had our family pictures taken in July. Now her hair is the cutest thing about her. It's a strawberrry blonde with crazy curls everywhere. I hope it stays this way, but I'm sure it will darken and staighten out as it gets longer. Cute for now.

Taryn Lilly

If I had to pick which of my kids changed the most in 2011, it would be Taryn. She has changed in looks, temperament, personality, and abilities. Last year this time, Taryn was still struggling a little with the trouble 2's. She was easy to ignite and not easy to put out. And to compound the problem, she was limited in her skills and abilities to do for herself, which was to be expected from a little girl who had just turned 3. However, being the middle child, with a 14 month old little sibling and Mom pregnant or caring for a newborn all of last year, poor Taryn had to fin for herself often. By summer though, she came our easiest kid and every enjoyable to be around.
The one thing that helps Taryn the most last year was becoming best friends with Kendall. When Kendall's best buddy from church moved, Kendall and Taryn spent a lot of time together. Taryn learned to mimic things that Kendall did or said. Its my greatest joy to see Kendall and Taryn becoming such great friends.
But as great of friends as Kendall and Taryn have become, they are different little girls. As I said earlier Kendall will laugh and go along with anything Garrett does or says. While Taryn will often say, "Garrett, that doesn't make sense" or "That's not really funny" And she know funny.
Taryn is a girly girl. She loves all things pink! She is barely coming out of a dresses only phase in her wardrobe. She loves Barbie, lipstick, fancy shoes, and fur.
Taryn is also fair weathers kinda girl. If it's too hot, Taryn's inside. If it's too cold, Taryn's inside. If there is a chance of rain, Taryn's inside. And when you ask her why she's not outside? She'll respond, "I'm not comfortable outside!" There you have it!

Taryn LOVES books! If you can't find Taryn look in the music room, where she's curled up with a books her father has read her twenty time, looking at the pages. When Taryn was going through her difficult phase. Keith would often say, "She just needs to be reset" Which included Keith patiently taking 10-15 minutes to sit with her and read a book. I don't have time or patients to drop everything to read a book to Taryn. But Keith's efforts have paid off on Taryn. Taryn seems to be a very bright little girl. She's quick to catch on to things and remembers everything you hears. Two weeks ago for FHE, Keith read the Christmas story for Luke. Then we asked a few questions of each child. When we asked her, who visited Mary to tell her she was going to have a baby. Taryn quickly responded, "Gabriel, the boy angel" Taryn remembers details.

One of my favorite things about Tar-tarz is her curves. Her and Kendall could not be any more different in body types. Not to be weird, but Taryn has the cutest bum every. It's a perfect little round soft tush. She's adorable in a swimming suit.
Taryn has a spunky personality, that will be a great blessing to her. She has strong opinions and ideas about how things should happen. I love this about her. She's a curious soul , who loves to learn. I think this trait will bring her joy. Taryn brings me JOY each and every day.

Kendall Macy

Miss Macy is sunshine in my soul! She is a sweet, and gentle child. Rather quiet and soft spoken, but willing to speak up for herself when she need to. She has postive outlook and a helper attitude. She doesn't require much attention, so I have to be careful not to ignore her in my busy day. She's rather self sufficient in most tasks. In fact, she delights in doing things for herself, then showing me how well she preforms. She coming into the age when she LOVES to help her younger siblings. I love to watch her help Alina with tasks, like putting on her shoes. She talks to her like she's an adult. "Now let's put on the other shoe. I'm going to get those piggies!" Kendall is JOY!

Like most of your kids, Kendall LOVES being in a big family. Her and Garrett have a buddiship that is great! He teases her, usually she doesn't take his teasing serious, so she giggles and teases back with him. Kendall is a skinny little thing but she has no hesitation in wrestling Garrett anytime anywhere! Fortunately for her Garrett just bats her around like a mouse. Garrett can go on and on with a story, or tell a average joke that we have had five times, and Kendall with listen intently and laugh every time. She thinks Garrett rocks!
Kendall's best friend is Taryn. I love it! Those two girls don't need anyone else. They can play for hours. They rarely disagree or fight. I'm so grateful that they have one another. They are 19 months apart, but two years in school, so at times I can see the maturity difference but Kendall is so patience and kind. She loves to teach Taryn everything she knows and Taryn is a willing and able student. They are quite different, so I pray that as they get older they can help each other with their strengths and weaknesses.
Kendall is a very organized, tidy girl. She has always loved to straighten up the shoes, put the silverware away, or sort socks. If you give something little to Kendall, she will put it in her special place and always have it. Where my other kids will lose it before they get upstairs. Kendall can find anything in the house. She's observant. This tendency to love organization and structure has lead to Kendall flourishing in school. Her Kindergarten teacher loves her and she loves going to school. I have be pleasantly surprised how well she has caught onto reading. She just gets how letter and sounds work. She loves to read her books to Taryn every night.
Kendall is an outdoors kinda girl. It's hard to get her to come in, no matter how cold or hot it may be. Because she's outside all the time, she's a fast little runner! She can go and go and her little battery never runs out. Her only problem is she has no bum! So her pant are always falling off. Half the time I see Kendall running with one hand behind her holding up her pants. We've tried belts, skinny jeans, safety pins. I tease her that we need Duck tape. But that long skinny figure is perfect for gymnastics and ballet, her two favorite activities.
I can see that Kendall is going to be a strong force for good in our family. She is the peacemaker in most situations. The creator of fun and adventure. She's thoughtful and loving to those around her. We are blessed the have the precious girl in our family.