Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hunkering down

We missed the "Blizzard to 2009", so we had no idea what this much snow looks like. HOLY COW! It's beautifully amazing (yes, I made that up in my own little mind) to see a blizzard happen. I don't remember ever seeing that much snow. Keith will never forget shoveling 80 yards of 2 1/2 feet of snow. He's been working on it for over 4 hours and he's only about 2/3 the way finished.
Surprisingly the kids aren't driving us crazy yet, but I don't see us leaving our house any time soon. So until then homemade soup, warm cookies, floor puzzles, board games, and movies will be on the agenda.
We seem to be surviving the Blizzard of 2010, aka Snowpacalypse, quite well.
(Knock on wood. I pray we don't lose power.)

Bracing for a storm

All week they have been talking about a big storm that would be coming in on Friday, but I didn't realize that it was going to cause hysteria at the stores.
Thursday morning I went to Target to pick up diapers and grab a few groceries for the weekend, and I thought, "Wow, this place is crowded for a weekday."
But then when we heard on the news how big the storm was going to be, we decided to go to Costco for pizza and to pick up a few groceries. We couldn't even find a parking place, so I ran in to grab the goods.
There was maybe 20 packages of meat in the entire meat department. In the fruit and veggie section I had to lean down to pick out food. Apparently they were not restocking the shelves, because there were empty crate everywhere. It was like a free-for-all. Then when I realized that the line to checkout was all the way back to the freezer section. A fifteen minute wait just to check out. They had the guys from the tire department helping out at the registers. I decided to bail on waiting in that line and try my luck at Shoppers so that the kids and Keith didn't have to wait in the car.
Shoppers was no better, if fact maybe worse. I thought about what I always tell my kids,
"You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!"